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Develop Your Perfect Golf Swing Balance with Expert Golf Drills

Dec 15, 2018

Develop Your Perfect Golf Swing Balance

Maintaining balance and consistent tempo when swinging every club in the golf bag has been a technique many great PGA pros have prided themselves on for decades.

Developing an ability to deliver constant balance and tempo regardless of the golf club in use requires players to maintain an active rhythm throughout their game.

Once established, this rhythm acts as the foundation for our balance and tempo during our golf swing.

Trying to hurry through the golf swing process always affects our balance in a detrimental fashion, resulting in a disruption in tempo and rhythm that produces a poor shot.

Effective Golf Shots Are NEVER Produced By An Unbalanced Swing

Any golf swing that begins with utter imbalance at setup, carrying through the actual swing, will always produce non results.

Held together with a constant rhythm, the tempo of our body movement translates to sending the ball flying towards our intended target when balance has been obtained....

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Golf Tips For Expanding the Inside Path

Dec 12, 2018

Golf Tips For Expanding Inside Path

Often distance and accuracy are lacking during golf outings because the golf club travels on an incorrect swing path.

There are several elements in our swings that can be adjusted and refined to obtain the desired inside swing path that eludes many golfers of varying skill sets.

Today’s article focuses on these elements and how to refine our inside path with golf tips passed on by proven golf pros.

Proper Swing Setup For an Inside Path

Learning to swing our club down an inside path may be the most important adjustment we can make to our setup.

An outside angle of attack on the golf ball often results in our clubface creating short shots that curve far right of our intended target.

Golfers new to the sport often find difficulty in swinging their clubs on an inside path due to the fact that they lack tempo in their swings.

There are a variety of golf tips and drills designed specifically to refine our golf swings in the interest of create a...

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Golf Swing Drills For Intentional Hooking

Dec 08, 2018

Golf Swing Drills For Intentional Hooking

Often regarded as an unintentional result of a mishit, hook shots in golf can be a vital technique when applied in the correct situation.

There are many crucial situations on the golf course that can be countered with a well placed intentional hook shot.

When intentionally hitting a hook or a hook shot, the ball will curve drastically from right-to-left while in flight, or left-to-right in flight for a left handed golfer.

Most golfers see a hook shot as a more pronounced draw shot, as the curve created in a hooking shot overshifts that of a traditional draw.

Golf Swings That Create Intentional Hook Shots

Being able to hit a hooking shot whenever needed works as an amazing asset to any golfer.

There are several situations that players encounter on the course that benefit hugely from the ability to hit a hook on command.

Most golfers find closing in their golf stance assists in producing a draw, when done more severely this adjustment results...

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Golf For Beginners- Smart Drills & Swing Tips For Rapid Improvement

Dec 05, 2018

Golf For Beginners- Smart Drills That Rapidly Improve Your Game

Golfing can be the most intimidating sport for beginners who have never played the game.

Apprehension regarding taking up golf keep many of the greats from ever swinging a club.

We’ve compiled the basic drills any player needs when beginning their journey into the world of golf.

Why Choose To Golf?

The greatest sport in the world, golf - transcends language, culture, and borders.

People from around the globe may disagree on a multitude of things, but nearly every country on the map has a deep love for the game of golf.

Where Golf For Beginners Should Start

When contemplating taking up golfing as your next challenge in life, beginners are encouraged to do so on a driving range rather than diving into the golf course first.

Driving ranges are a casual setting where real work can be done on a golfer’s swing without the added pressures of actual gameplay on a golf course preventing the progress.

Any PGA Pro...

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Golf Setup & Swing Tips That Hit a Draw Every Time

Dec 01, 2018

Hit a Draw Shot with Simple Golf Setup Hacks

One of golf’s most consistent techniques, the ability to hit a draw shot has become among the most desired tools in any golfer’s arsenal.

The value that hitting draws brings to any player’s game makes learning to hit this shot style a crucial task that should be done sooner than later.

The predictability of this type of golf shot allows players to reduce the damage of a missed hit on the golf course by using the curving factor of draws to their advantage.

Any golfer finds difficulty in repeatedly replicating straight golf shots, which reduces their consistency in extended play on the course.

Having the ability to hit a draw on demand allows players to ease their reliance on their straight golf shots and also have a back up plan in the case of a miss calculation in play.

Golf Setup Hacks That Produce Draw Shots

As with any new technique in golfing, understanding how to prepare to hit the shot during your golf setup will...

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Proper Putting Stroke Tips for PGA Golf

Nov 24, 2018

PGA Golf Tips For Putting Stroke Perfection

Almost everyone who picks up a golf club looks to improve their game, even the pros on the PGA tour.

Through our experience in educating golfers of all skill levels, we’ve been able to identify key aspects of putting stroke, that when adjusted correctly, garner results that are next to perfect.

As depicted in the hours of free video available here on our YouTube Channel, we aim to enhance the game of our viewers through actionable golf tips that are simple in theory and execution.

Applying Putting Stroke Fundamentals

Before becoming a master at anything in golf or life, we must first have a strong grasp on the fundamentals.

The fundamental components of proper putting stroke include grip, aim, and posture.

Without having these important elements working in balance, any golfer has an uphill battle ahead in regards to their putting game.

Choosing and Using The Perfect Putting Grip

With names like Claw, Prayer, and Pencil -...

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Avoid Golfing Fails with 5 Easy Golf Hacks

Nov 21, 2018

 5 Easy Golf Hacks to Avoid Golfing Fails

Characterized by a horrific showing on the golf course, golfing fails have plagued the internet, generating several memes and golf videos in the process.

Many golfers have a deep fear of becoming a victim of golf fails, so much so that they consume any content that aims to improve their game.

At GG SwingTips Golf, we’ve compiled a list of 5 essential golf hacks that will prevent such public failures from ever happening.

Using Golf Shaft Lean To Your Advantage

Defined by the direction you lean the shaft of the golf club, shaft lean can either be leaned toward the target (forward lean) or away from the target (backward lean).

In most cases, golfers aim to have the shaft leaning into the target during the impact of their golf swing.

Irons are the best example of clubs that almost always thrive from the implementation of forward shaft lean.

Adjustments to shaft lean are typically only successful in short game golf.

Best utilized in...

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Simple Rotation Drills Offer Instant Improvement To Golf Swings

Nov 17, 2018

Improve your Golf Swings Instantly with our Simple Rotation Drills

Some golfers may yet to understand the huge impact their body rotation has on producing powerful and precise golf swings.

Golf instructors lightly touch on how and why body rotation adjustments have such a huge influence on golf swings, without offering much in actionable advice.

In today’s article, you will find several golf tips from coaches with PGA tour experience and be able to apply their proven advice the next time you pick up a golf club.

Improving Your Rotation For More Powerful Golf Swing

First, it must be said that body rotation alone does not make or break any golfer’s swing.

Understanding and adjusting each individual element of a golf swing will vastly improve or diminish results produced on the course.

But, rotation contributes in a huge way to the overall results of a golf swing, good or bad.

Narrowing or widening your body’s movements during a swing will determine the...

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Simple Setup For Hitting Irons Pure

Nov 14, 2018

Simple Setup For Hitting Golf Irons Pure

No matter how long you search the internet, you will not find a miracle drill that will pure your irons overnight, without putting in the practice to understand the process.

Learning to control your swing and to shallow the club face on the ball can correct one of the biggest flaws in any golfer’s iron play.

Start by understanding that you don’t need to put massive amounts of power into your swing in order to send the ball sailing into the green

Position The Ball Correctly

The position of your ball during iron play should have little differentiation with each shot you take.

During the downswing, throwing your body weight towards the target, your position in relation to the ball will ensure a clean downward connection upon impact.

Building a good foundation for your golf stance plays a crucial role in striking irons purely.

Your golf setup should allow for body weight to shift in a backward motion, with optimal follow...

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Tips For Mastering Your Golf Stance

Nov 10, 2018

Golf Tips for Mastering Stance

An effective golf stance has several key components that must be correctly executed to deliver the intended results.

Maintaining a balanced posture throughout your swing will achieve the outcome you’re aiming for, in regards to a proper golf stance.

Veteran golfers know that narrowing their stance will limit their power output and inhibit their ability to maintain balance through their swing.

Conversely, widening your golf stance makes it nearly impossible to shift your weight while swinging the club, an aspect that builds power and speed.

In the linked video, we present a variety of drills aimed at promoting an overall balance between the multiple aspects of your golf swing that contribute to a proper stance.

Golf Ball Position In Stance

It may be hard to believe, but many golfers never ponder how the placement of the golf ball relates to their stance.

Positioning the ball correctly changes based on what club the golfer chooses.


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