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How Proper Golf Grip Impacts Swing Accuracy

Jan 16, 2019

How Proper Golf Grip Impacts Swing Accuracy

Poorly executing a proper golf grip on the club results in a drastic reduction in consistency, accuracy, and strength in a golf swing for most players.

Correcting an incorrect grip takes patience and attention, but even a first time golfer can master the mechanics behind proper handling of a golf club.

There are thousands of articles and videos centered around the mastery of a proper golf grip.

Instructors and coaches preach for hours to their golfers about the importance of establishing the correct grip on the golf club, but still many are golfing with a poorly composed handling of their clubs.

Understanding that our grip serves as the connection between our bodies and golf clubs, players can better understand the severity in handling the club properly through impact.

Before we’re able to craft the perfect golf grip, we must first identify the issues surrounding the way we’re currently handling our club.

What’s Wrong...

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Proper Golf Stance Produces The Perfect Backwing

Jan 12, 2019

Proper Golf Stance Produces The Perfect Backswing

Every awesome golf swing you’ve ever admired began with establishing a proper golf stance before ever swinging the club.

Fans and pros alike are captivated by the perfect swings showcased on the PGA Tour, but very few recognize that these results are attainable for many through working on our stances.

After reviewing the actionable golf tips provided in the video above and digesting this article, you too can begin crafting a proper golf stance that achieves winning results on the golf course and the driving range.

Every Golfer Can Improve Their Golf Stance

Often when an individual takes the plunge into the exciting sport of golf, it may be lost upon them exactly how important their golfing stance relates to the end result of their swing.

Even the most novice golfer can make the needed adjustments to their swing setup that will ensure the golf ball travels as they intend, often with only minimal time spent on doing so.


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Compress The Golf Ball For Deeper Golf Shots

Jan 09, 2019

Compress The Golf Ball For Deeper Golf Shots

Golfers can improve the accuracy of their flight path over longer distances with increased backspin, by learning how to compress the golf ball.

Compressing the golf ball, or trapping the ball between your clubface and the turf, continues to receive high praise from golf instructors and PGA Tour pros alike, as an essential technique every golfer should master.

Naturally, the level of difficulty associated with learning to compress the golf ball has plagued many golfers during their first attempts at the technique.

Understanding that every player absorbs information differently, we’ve provided a great video on ball compression drills above, as well as the below article which clearly lays out each step in compressing the golf ball.

The Easiest Way To Compress a Golf Ball

First, a golfer must ensure that their body weight has been distributed to their rear leg, while focusing on proper body rotation.

Focusing on these aspects first,...

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Achieve Proper Shoulder Rotation In Your Golf Swing

Jan 05, 2019

Achieve Proper Shoulder Rotation In Your Golf Swing

Determining the width of a golfer’s shoulder rotation during their golf swing allows further adjustments to be made in the interest of improving their game.

Understanding how your body naturally rotates during your golf swing provides a clear picture of which modifications are needed in order to produce great shots on the golf course.

In most cases, golfers will either rotate their shoulders narrow or wide during their swing, which will be easy to identify by a coach, friend or by recording themselves during the swinging process.

Overexertion Of Our Shoulders During Our Golf Swing

Many golfers overlook the possibility that they may be over exerting their shoulder rotation during their golf swings.

Most productive golf swings require very little intentional shifting in our shoulders in order to produce the desired results.

Golfers simply are able to naturally turn their shoulders, be it narrow or wide, and achieve the shot...

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Golfing Tips For Golf Swing Power Boost | GG SwingTips Golf

Dec 29, 2018


Golfing Tips For Golf Swing Power Boost

If you told a room full of golfers to stand up if they wanted to add a power boost to their golf swings, you would have ZERO use for chairs in that room

Needless to say, many players new and familiar with the game have a deeply vested interest in adding strength to the impact of their golf swings.

There are several adjustments and tweaks to any golfer’s game that can be made in the interest of gaining a more powerful golf swing.

Several tips and drills have been authored and compiled by coaches and PGA Tour Pros who have first hand knowledge of increasing the effectiveness and dominance of their golf swing.

Mastering The Ideal Golf Swing To Generate Increased Power

With a light grip on the golf club, a golfer should relax their arms to reduce tension in their muscles.

Hands and arms that experience tense muscles often cause a drastic reduction in the speed of our golf swing.

Typically golfers reference a 10 point scale in regards...

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Drive The Ball DEEP with Easy Golf Swing Drills | GG SwingTips Golf

Dec 26, 2018

Drive The Ball DEEP with Easy Golf Swing Drills

Regardless of playing level, all golfers are looking for golf swing drills that can drive the ball farther, deep down the course.

With the several elements at play during any golf swing, players have limitless options in regards to potential adjustments in their game.

Of these adjustments, we’ve found the following to be the most advantageous concerning hitting the ball farther in general.

Golf Swing Adjustments That Send The Ball Deeper

Whenever anyone tells a golfer they have the secret to hitting the ball deeper, folks notice a level of skepticism clouds the minds of many players, as several people have promised such results with an inability to deliver.

With the advent of easy access to streaming video, golf instructors and coaches are held to their word in a show and prove mentality that has permeated across the internet.

The drills and tips we provide through our online library of golf instruction has hundreds of hours...

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Develop Your Perfect Golf Swing Balance with Expert Golf Drills

Dec 15, 2018

Develop Your Perfect Golf Swing Balance

Maintaining balance and consistent tempo when swinging every club in the golf bag has been a technique many great PGA pros have prided themselves on for decades.

Developing an ability to deliver constant balance and tempo regardless of the golf club in use requires players to maintain an active rhythm throughout their game.

Once established, this rhythm acts as the foundation for our balance and tempo during our golf swing.

Trying to hurry through the golf swing process always affects our balance in a detrimental fashion, resulting in a disruption in tempo and rhythm that produces a poor shot.

Effective Golf Shots Are NEVER Produced By An Unbalanced Swing

Any golf swing that begins with utter imbalance at setup, carrying through the actual swing, will always produce non results.

Held together with a constant rhythm, the tempo of our body movement translates to sending the ball flying towards our intended target when balance has been obtained....

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Golf Tips For Expanding the Inside Path

Dec 12, 2018

Golf Tips For Expanding Inside Path

Often distance and accuracy are lacking during golf outings because the golf club travels on an incorrect swing path.

There are several elements in our swings that can be adjusted and refined to obtain the desired inside swing path that eludes many golfers of varying skill sets.

Today’s article focuses on these elements and how to refine our inside path with golf tips passed on by proven golf pros.

Proper Swing Setup For an Inside Path

Learning to swing our club down an inside path may be the most important adjustment we can make to our setup.

An outside angle of attack on the golf ball often results in our clubface creating short shots that curve far right of our intended target.

Golfers new to the sport often find difficulty in swinging their clubs on an inside path due to the fact that they lack tempo in their swings.

There are a variety of golf tips and drills designed specifically to refine our golf swings in the interest of create a...

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Golf Swing Drills For Intentional Hooking

Dec 08, 2018

Golf Swing Drills For Intentional Hooking

Often regarded as an unintentional result of a mishit, hook shots in golf can be a vital technique when applied in the correct situation.

There are many crucial situations on the golf course that can be countered with a well placed intentional hook shot.

When intentionally hitting a hook or a hook shot, the ball will curve drastically from right-to-left while in flight, or left-to-right in flight for a left handed golfer.

Most golfers see a hook shot as a more pronounced draw shot, as the curve created in a hooking shot overshifts that of a traditional draw.

Golf Swings That Create Intentional Hook Shots

Being able to hit a hooking shot whenever needed works as an amazing asset to any golfer.

There are several situations that players encounter on the course that benefit hugely from the ability to hit a hook on command.

Most golfers find closing in their golf stance assists in producing a draw, when done more severely this adjustment results...

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