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5 Legendary Golf Shots You Wish You Could Replicate

golf shots pros Oct 01, 2019

5 Legendary Golf Shots You Wish You Could Replicate 

By Riley Brooke


Quite often, the pros make golf look so easy. They routinely make great shots, some of which you can only dream of making. So, in honor of golf's best players, we've compiled 5 shots from the pros that you wish you could replicate.


Tiger Woods’s masterful chip shot at the Masters (2005)


Woods has hit his fair share of magnificent shots in his illustrious career. But none more iconic — and important — than his chip shot on the 16th at the 2005 Masters. He was just one clear of playing partner Chris DiMarco, and needed every bit of cushion. He got exactly that by chipping in this beauty of a birdie. How did he do it?


His former caddie, Steve Williams, offered some insight into that shot. He explained how Tiger recalled a similar shot made by Davis Love III a year prior. So, he aimed for an old ball mark “the size of a dime,” as hitting it would allow the...

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Mental Golf Game Strategy | Consistency Starts In Our Mind

golf mental game Sep 07, 2019

Mental Golf Game Strategy | Consistency Starts In Our Mind

At risk of sounding like a new age guru, the thoughts and visualizations that golfers experience on the course or at the driving range directly influence their results, or lack thereof.

This includes pessimistic thoughts about screwing up your shot, muttering self deprecating remarks to yourself as you play, and visualizing worst case scenarios on the golf course before you ever swing the club.

Players should be realistic with themselves but the time for self critique should not come when you should be focusing on the task at hand - enjoying a round of golf.

Understandably, golf can be a frustrating sport to learn, causing many novices to experience levels of self doubt and critique while training or playing their first round.

However, constant thoughts of negativity and pessimism will cause your own progress to stagnate, generate anxious frustrations on the course and may cause otherwise gifted players to walk away from the...

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Rapid Swing Speed Built By Body Rotation

golf swing speed May 25, 2019

Rapid Swing Speed Built By Body Rotation

Most golfers understand that swing speed cannot be achieved by trying to break their golf club (and back) in half with an overly aggressive attack on the golf ball.

Rather, through the proper optimization of our body rotation during our golf swing, we can gradually find huge gains in our speed, leading to amazing shots with control and added distance as direct benefits from our practice.

George Gankas golf lessons provide players with the essential training, known as the GG Swing Method, to optimize their bodies for any condition they encounter on the golf course.

Players that have studied George Gankas golf instruction videos have sung his praises in every corner of the internet, becoming strong advocates for the GG Swing Method overall.

Many of these golfers arrive at Gankas’ training materials out of desire to increase the speed of their golf swing, with several players faltering while trying to swing the club hard rather than fast.

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NEVER SLICE AGAIN | Golf Swing Setup Tips

NEVER SLICE AGAIN | Golf Swing Setup Tips

Every golfer has experienced a slice, which makes this missed shot one of the most dreaded errors commonly committed on the golf course.

George Gankas golf strategy tells us that every golfer reacts differently during a swing, evident in the GG Swing Method that has crafted a culture in the sport around such teaching.

Those who have put George Gankas golf tips to use through their own training have taken to every social platform imaginable to voice their success stories working with the GG Swing Method.

The frustration that players experience during a slice can be easily avoided through training and strategies that can be applied to any golf swing, regardless of skill level.

Diagnosing Your Slice Shot

Often, what we believe to be a slice may only be a slight fade, which we can easily remedy simply by aiming left of our target with a smooth left to right shot.

However, if we are slicing our shot severely, it will do us no good to aim left of...

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Easy Hacks That Boost Your Short Game Golf

short game golf Mar 13, 2019

Easy Hacks That Boost Your Short Game Golf

Many golfers of varied skill sets never practice their short game golf, and it shows on the course.

While religiously working away on hitting full blown golf shots on the driving range, few players take the time to practice the most crucial elements of golfing.

Rather than practicing their chip shots or putts, most amateur golfers can be found teeing up their drives.

If you’re not hitting greens with these shots and are reliant on short game golf strategy, the only way to get better comes from practicing.

Statistically, around 65% of all golf shots taken will land 100 yards in, an area considered to be short game.

Since such a high number of balls land in this region, every golfer should take a serious look at how well they’re performing there.

Not Every Golfer Hits 300 Yard Drives

Most golfers outside of the PGA Tour’s top strikers will rarely crack a 300 yard drive on the golf course.

Because of this clear reality for...

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Every Chipping Golf Lesson You Need To Succeed

chipping golf Feb 23, 2019

Every Chipping Golf Lesson You Need To Succeed

One of golf’s most tactical shots, chipping a golf ball happens when a golfer lifts the ball into the air, followed by a long roll once landing on the ground.

Chip shots are best applied in situations when our ball has become trapped in the grass or while maneuvering our ball down through a sloped portion of the golf course.

Chipping the ball can be done with any golf club between a sand wedge and five-iron, typically taken from on or around the green.

In the interest of getting our ball rolling onto the green, most chip shots are a method for golfers to get their ball rolling towards the hole as they would when putting.

The experience level of a golfer aside, all players benefit from developing their chipping skills, making it vital to any player that we learn how to chip a golf ball correctly.

Positioning Ourselves To Chip The Golf Ball

When positioning ourselves for chipping the ball onto the greens, we must first decide and...

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Developing Perfect Golf Swing Balance and Tempo

Developing Perfect Golf Swing Balance and Tempo

Maintaining balance and consistent tempo when swinging every club in the golf bag has been a technique many great PGA pros have prided themselves on for decades.

Developing an ability to deliver constant balance and tempo regardless of the golf club in use requires players to maintain an active rhythm throughout their game.

Once established, this rhythm acts as the foundation for our balance and tempo during our golf swing.

Trying to hurry through the golf swing process always affects our balance in a detrimental fashion, resulting in a disruption in tempo and rhythm that produces a poor shot.

Effective Golf Shots Are NEVER Produced By An Unbalanced Swing

Any golf swing that begins with utter imbalance at setup, carrying through the actual swing, will always produce non results.

Held together with a constant rhythm, the tempo of our body movement translates to sending the ball flying towards our intended target when balance has been...

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Golf Tips For Producing The Perfect Backswing

backswing golf tips Feb 16, 2019

Proper Golf Stance Produces The Perfect Backswing

Every awesome golf swing you’ve ever admired began with establishing a proper golf stance before ever swinging the club.

Fans and pros alike are captivated by the perfect swings showcased on the PGA Tour, but very few recognize that these results are attainable for many through working on our stances.

After reviewing the actionable golf tips provided in the video above and digesting this article, you too can begin crafting a proper golf stance that achieves winning results on the golf course and the driving range.

Every Golfer Can Improve Their Golf Stance

Often when an individual takes the plunge into the exciting sport of golf, it may be lost upon them exactly how important their golfing stance relates to the end result of their swing.

Even the most novice golfer can make the needed adjustments to their swing setup that will ensure the golf ball travels as they intend, often with only minimal time spent on doing so.


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Top Short Game Golf Tips For Instant Improvement

short game golf Feb 13, 2019

Top Short Game Golf Tips For Instant Improvement

Short game golf strategy should be a focal point for every golfer, new or experienced.

Often overshadowed by the more glamorous allure of deep drives, developing our short game will ensure our success when we’re unable to rip the ball like a PGA Tour Pro.

Important to remember, our short game acts as our means to scoring on the golf course and has a vast impact on our overall golf handicap.

As one could imagine, the countless elements involved in our short game are too numerous to be covered in one simple blog article, but we can identify the best short game golf tips that provide instant improvements on the golf course.

Sharpen Your Putting Skills Quickly

Most great putting games have optimal control over their speed and are able to judge their positioning on the green effectively enough to choose the right shot.

Nearly half of all shots taken on the golf course are taken while putting.

Many of these shots are taken near the...

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Essential Driver Golf Tips For Longer Shots

driver golf tips Feb 09, 2019

Essential Driver Golf Tips For Longer Shots

If you’re having trouble adding long distance to your golf shots, you’re not alone.

Most golfers, regardless of skill level, complain of hitting their shots shorter than intended, with little idea of how to effectively expand the distance of their drives.

While golfing does not have a cookie cutter application for adding distance to our shots, there are several adjustments able to be applied to our golf swings that create the perfect environment for increased distance.

Proper Weight Distribution To Increase Driving Distance

Very important though often overlooked, properly distributing our body weight can add more distance to an otherwise normal golf swing.

At the pinnacle of our backswing, ideally 40% of our body weight should be on our front leg, with the remaining 60% distributed to our back leg.

As our body rotates through the golf ball, guided by our hands and hips, only 10% of our body weight should remain on our back...

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