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How Dynamic Loft Affects Your Golf Swing

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2020

How Dynamic Loft Affects Your Golf Swing

The angle of attack and a player’s dynamic loft are intertwined, influencing each other heavily in relation to our overall golf swing.

Playing a vital role in how far our drives travel, the amount of dynamic loft present in our swing affects the distance that the golf ball will travel.

Having too low or too high of a dynamic loft present in our golf swing can both deliver horrible results on the golf course and often lead to missed shots in the most extreme cases.

George Gankas golf lessons, known collectively as the GG Swing Method, focus on optimizing the existing strengths in any player’s game while striving to repair any weaknesses present.

Golfers from around the world continue to credit George Gankas golf lessons with turning their games around for the better, even as many practitioners of the GG Swing Method have never even set foot on the same continent as Gankas.

Used as a measurement for the amount of loft present at...

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Dynamic Chest Rotation For Natural Golf Swings

golf swing Jun 04, 2020

Dynamic Chest Rotation For Natural Golf Swings

One of the most shocking days for any golfer happens when they finally figure out that controlling their golf swing has little to do with the way they move their arms.

While our hands, wrists, biceps and shoulders each contribute in some capacity to our swing, the ultimate control exists in our chest rotation.

As with the entire library of George Gankas golf lessons, learning to rotate our chest properly follows the same principles found in the GG Swing Method.

The GG Swing Method promotes the distinct strengths in each golfer, while using the unparalleled insights and drills that George Gankas has made a name for himself within the sport.

Many of Gankas’ students began as juniors and have become top prospects on the tour circuit.

In order to achieve the best possible results in your shots, you must utilize larger muscle groups in order to accomplish your goal.

Rather than relying on smaller muscle groups in our arms, proper chest...

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Posture Powered Golf Swing | Keys to Consistency

golf posture Mar 01, 2020

Posture Powered Golf Swing | Keys to Consistency

Losing posture during your golf swing refers to deviating even slightly from the form taken during setup and address.

Maintaining good posture throughout the duration of our swing has a crucial influence over the quality and consistency of our shots.

The loss of our intended swing posture will throw off several aspects of our game. This most often includes our tempo, balance and the pacing of our swing.

Most times when players swing while in a flawed posture. The resulting shot will be missed, typically hooking to the trail side of the player.

Any serious player will need to correct their posture before reaching their full potential in the sport. Losing posture during our golf swing will drive frustrations during play.

George Gankas golf lessons teach the importance of maintaining precise posture during golf swings. This mirrors the teaching that exists in the foundation of the popular GG Swing Method.

Comprised of Geoge Gankas golf...

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Drive The Ball DEEP with Easy Golf Swing Drills

Drive The Ball DEEP with Easy Golf Swing Drills

Regardless of playing level, all golfers are looking for golf swing drills that can drive the ball farther, deep down the course.

With the several elements at play during any golf swing, players have limitless options in regards to potential adjustments in their game.

Of these adjustments, we’ve found the following to be the most advantageous concerning hitting the ball farther in general.

Golf Swing Adjustments That Send The Ball Deeper

Whenever anyone tells a golfer they have the secret to hitting the ball deeper, folks notice a level of skepticism clouds the minds of many players, as several people have promised such results with an inability to deliver.

With the advent of easy access to streaming video, golf instructors and coaches are held to their word in a show and prove mentality that has permeated across the internet.

The drills and tips we provide through our online library of golf instruction has hundreds of hours...

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George Gankas Simple Draw Shot Golf Lessons

draw shot Jan 22, 2020

George Gankas Simple Draw Shot Golf Lessons

Often novice golfers make an effort to hit the golf ball as straight as possible.

Most golfers can hit a straight shot at will, most Pros find draw golf shots to be an invaluable utility. Epic draws always make the sports network highlight reel and get tons of attention on the course.

A push draw garners some of the deepest distance attainable on the golf course. This added depth improves a player's ability to utilize the longest golf clubs in their bag.

One of the most sought after shots, drawing the club should be practiced by beginner looking to improve their skills.

How To Perform a Push Draw Shot

It can be difficult for golfers to identify a push draw simply by watching the shot performed by an experienced player.

To ensure a push draw has been executed, the ball must start to the right of the target. As the ball falls towards the target, try to avoid any movement to the left (or right for left handed...

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Strengthen Your Swing | Golf Workouts

golf workouts Nov 30, 2019

Strengthen Your Swing | Golf Workouts

With the amount of importance that many novice golfers place on their upper body and core muscle group movements, the intense untapped power found in our lower body muscles can often be overlooked.

Acting as the driving force behind every deep distance drive and powerful shot you see the pros knock out each weekend, strengthening our lower body muscles through targeted golf workouts can be a huge game changer for players that are looking to add power to their swings.

Increasing the strength in your leg muscles through targeted workouts will ultimately lead to improved composition in your swing, while amping up the speed in your clubhead.

Working out the muscle groups in your lower body, especially the legs, will promote increased stability in your golf swing, while drastically improving your agility and making flawed motion much less likely.

Through focused training, as exhibited in this George Gankas golf lesson, players will begin to...

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5 Legendary Golf Shots You Wish You Could Replicate

golf shots pros Oct 01, 2019

5 Legendary Golf Shots You Wish You Could Replicate 

By Riley Brooke


Quite often, the pros make golf look so easy. They routinely make great shots, some of which you can only dream of making. So, in honor of golf's best players, we've compiled 5 shots from the pros that you wish you could replicate.


Tiger Woods’s masterful chip shot at the Masters (2005)


Woods has hit his fair share of magnificent shots in his illustrious career. But none more iconic — and important — than his chip shot on the 16th at the 2005 Masters. He was just one clear of playing partner Chris DiMarco, and needed every bit of cushion. He got exactly that by chipping in this beauty of a birdie. How did he do it?


His former caddie, Steve Williams, offered some insight into that shot. He explained how Tiger recalled a similar shot made by Davis Love III a year prior. So, he aimed for an old ball mark “the size of a dime,” as hitting it would allow the...

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Mental Golf Game Strategy | Consistency Starts In Our Mind

golf mental game Sep 07, 2019

Mental Golf Game Strategy | Consistency Starts In Our Mind

At risk of sounding like a new age guru, the thoughts and visualizations that golfers experience on the course or at the driving range directly influence their results, or lack thereof.

This includes pessimistic thoughts about screwing up your shot, muttering self deprecating remarks to yourself as you play, and visualizing worst case scenarios on the golf course before you ever swing the club.

Players should be realistic with themselves but the time for self critique should not come when you should be focusing on the task at hand - enjoying a round of golf.

Understandably, golf can be a frustrating sport to learn, causing many novices to experience levels of self doubt and critique while training or playing their first round.

However, constant thoughts of negativity and pessimism will cause your own progress to stagnate, generate anxious frustrations on the course and may cause otherwise gifted players to walk away from the...

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Rapid Swing Speed Built By Body Rotation

golf swing speed May 25, 2019

Rapid Swing Speed Built By Body Rotation

Most golfers understand that swing speed cannot be achieved by trying to break their golf club (and back) in half with an overly aggressive attack on the golf ball.

Rather, through the proper optimization of our body rotation during our golf swing, we can gradually find huge gains in our speed, leading to amazing shots with control and added distance as direct benefits from our practice.

George Gankas golf lessons provide players with the essential training, known as the GG Swing Method, to optimize their bodies for any condition they encounter on the golf course.

Players that have studied George Gankas golf instruction videos have sung his praises in every corner of the internet, becoming strong advocates for the GG Swing Method overall.

Many of these golfers arrive at Gankas’ training materials out of desire to increase the speed of their golf swing, with several players faltering while trying to swing the club hard rather than fast.

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NEVER SLICE AGAIN | Golf Swing Setup Tips

NEVER SLICE AGAIN | Golf Swing Setup Tips

Every golfer has experienced a slice, which makes this missed shot one of the most dreaded errors commonly committed on the golf course.

George Gankas golf strategy tells us that every golfer reacts differently during a swing, evident in the GG Swing Method that has crafted a culture in the sport around such teaching.

Those who have put George Gankas golf tips to use through their own training have taken to every social platform imaginable to voice their success stories working with the GG Swing Method.

The frustration that players experience during a slice can be easily avoided through training and strategies that can be applied to any golf swing, regardless of skill level.

Diagnosing Your Slice Shot

Often, what we believe to be a slice may only be a slight fade, which we can easily remedy simply by aiming left of our target with a smooth left to right shot.

However, if we are slicing our shot severely, it will do us no good to aim left of...

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