5 Golf Tips to Get Mega Speed

Nov 02, 2018

5 Golf Swing Tips to Get Mega Speed

Every golfer wants to add speed to their game.

Many players find that what they’re not doing often has more impact than what they’re trying to do in regards to increasing their swing speed.

I’ve compiled my top 5 swing tips for mega speed:

  • Speed comes from the ground-up
  • Square your clubface
  • Keep your shoulders parallel
  • The 'medicine ball method'
  • Reduce loft on your swing

These 5 swing tips can easily be put into practice next time you hit the driving range.

Speed Comes From The Ground Up, Literally.

If you’ve watch closely during an PGA tour event, you’ve surely noticed that many golfers rip the ground apart with their cleats.

This practice usually works to their own detriment in concerning their swing speed.

Matthew Wolf, a serial offender of this habit in the PGA, can be found moving his tee box mat all over the place because he digs too deep into the ground.

Harness Huge Speed Advantages By Using The Ground

Gripping the ground correctly provides a speed boost that most players neglect, because they’re too busy ripping it to shreds

While I’m not advocating violence, moving your body into an uppercut motion will provide the external turn needed to use the ground for speed.

Even if you’ve never thrown an uppercut (hopefully you haven’t), this natural motion utilizes the ground in an upward motion, culminating in additional power upon impact.

Keeping Vertical Posture & Squaring The Clubface

The first step to this drill begins with squaring up your clubface

While standing straight up and down, square your shoulders up to your backline

Typically practiced with a driver, players who utilize this squared posture are much more vertical, creating the appearance of a wide open clubface.

Immediately after striking the golf ball, extend your arms into the Y position at 45 degrees

Parallel Shoulders = Increased Swing Speed

When setting up your golf stance for this drill, come to the top while positioning your head centered to your body

Most golfers keep their shoulders leveled out, so when rotating their bodies 30 degrees, their left shoulder appears to be slightly higher.

Make sure that your lead knee has not overextended forward and level off your posture.

Leveling off our posture will ensure that our shoulders remain parallel for the entire motion of our swing

Spread Your Wings

When coaching my more novice golfers, I ask them to imagine that their arms are wings.

While extending their arms in a wingspan fashion, they’re able to shorten their angles as such that the golf club does not collide with their imaginary wings in motion.

This golf drill helps players get their shoulders below 26 degrees, the average level for most players.

An angle in the range of 21 degrees will drastically increase speed and improve your overall swing.

The Medicine Ball Method For Mega Swing Speed

When executed correctly, an effective golf swing will be as natural as moving your hips and throwing your arms - as exhibited in popular medicine ball exercises.

While turning your upper body as to throw a medicine ball, the club will impact the golf ball in natural motion, following a straight flight path in the process.

I like to practice this exercise with my student by tossing a basket back and forth to each other.

While some of my students may feel silly doing this, the end result shows an immediate increase in their overall golf swing speed.

Letting your chest and hips turn naturally into the ball will produce a powerful impact without forcing the motion.

The Rory Way For Insane Swing Speed

Rory McIlroy did not achieve greatness on the PGA Tour simply by being a conventional golfer.

Much of Rory’s game centers on going against the grain and developing alternative techniques in contrast to tried and trued methods in golf.

Rory achieves remarkable speed through swinging lower than most golfers, typically by 6 inches.

While swinging lower than most other players, Rory compensates by hitting back up three inches on his upswing.

These out of the box swing adjustments creates increased speed through harnessed upward motion.

Eliminating Loft From Your Golf Swing

By staying level during their entire swing, most players add a considerable amount of loft.

When keeping our dynamic loft low, our body’s natural rotation creates more speed than would be present with an increased level of loft.

Reducing the level of loft on our swing creates natural parametric acceleration, naturally adding speed in the process.

By driving your left shoulder upward, speed increases as the club naturally extends in motion.

Delofting your golf swing will always outperform speed, as a lower dynamic loft with less speed will hit the ball farther than a high dynamic loft swing with more speed.

To see even more improvements to your game, check out our free training videos covering shallowing your club and our famous pivot & turn method. We also have hours of free training on our YouTube channel.

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