Avoid Golfing Fails with 5 Easy Golf Hacks

Nov 21, 2018

 5 Easy Golf Hacks to Avoid Golfing Fails

Characterized by a horrific showing on the golf course, golfing fails have plagued the internet, generating several memes and golf videos in the process.

Many golfers have a deep fear of becoming a victim of golf fails, so much so that they consume any content that aims to improve their game.

At GG SwingTips Golf, we’ve compiled a list of 5 essential golf hacks that will prevent such public failures from ever happening.

Using Golf Shaft Lean To Your Advantage

Defined by the direction you lean the shaft of the golf club, shaft lean can either be leaned toward the target (forward lean) or away from the target (backward lean).

In most cases, golfers aim to have the shaft leaning into the target during the impact of their golf swing.

Irons are the best example of clubs that almost always thrive from the implementation of forward shaft lean.

Adjustments to shaft lean are typically only successful in short game golf.

Best utilized in chip shots and putting, adjusting these shots with forward or backward shaft lean will often act as a great utility in tough situations.

Golfers looking to add loft to their putt or chip are encouraged to experiment with backward shaft lean, as pulling away from the target will assist in adding loft to the shot.

Though shaft lean acts only as a small component to the larger picture of our golf game, harnessing the minor adjustments can make an otherwise embarrassing shot into a moral victory on the golf course.

Improve Irons Consistency By Checking Your Alignment

Without proper alignment, you can 100% guarantee your iron shots are not going to be on target.

In order to achieve proper alignment that targeted iron shots need, make sure your shoulders and feet are absolutely parallel to the swing path you’re currently aiming to strike.

Keep in mind that the golf ball’s placement rests only a few feet away from your body.

Many golfers use alignment sticks or an extra golf club to check their alignment, usually done from a horizontal angle starting at their toes.

Also crucial in the alignment phase, ensure that your shoulders are in line with your feet, in relation to the intended flight path of the ball.

In addition to your physical alignment, you must now work to align your mind and body together, as a complete unit.

Many golfers mentally picture themselves going through the motions of a golf swing individually, rather than viewing the entire process as an extension of their own bodies.

Zoning in on these elements as a natural movement for our bodies will allow for a deconstructed mentality towards golfing as a whole.

Rather than cluttering our brains with several small tasks and details to obsess over, our gameplay should become as flush as opening a door or tying our shoes.

Having proper alignment can greatly improve your ability to shallow your golf swing

Fun Putting Drills For Increased Accuracy

Golfers having trouble with their short game are in constant search for new ways to practice their putting.

One of the most embarrassing elements of golf happens when we miss what appears to be an easy shot on the putting green.

Around the world, a fun putting drill we recommend to students operates as an exercise in focus and accuracy.

Golfers begin by placing a cup on the putting green to aim towards.

Four balls are set in the same distance around the cup on the putting green.

All four shots must be made in order. If one shot does not reach the goal, the drill restarts.

Once all 4 shots have been made in succession, the player moves each ball back a foot and restarts the drill.

There are few putting drills as challenging and fun as around the world, making it a favorite on golf courses around the world (pun very intended).

$1 Sand Trap Golf Tips

When shooting from the sand trap, technically referred to as a bunker shot, many golfers may feel trapped and bound to commit a golf fail.

An interesting golf drill you can use on the course involves an imaginary $1 bill.

When stuck in the bunker, start by drawing a box around the golf ball in the same size and shape of a $1 bill, with the ball centered in the box.

Next, golfers are instructed to imagine they’re sweeping the $1 bill out of the sand, underneath the ball.

When executed correctly, the resulting shot will take out the correct amount of sand while freeing their ball from the compromised situation.

Preserve Golf Flexibility While Saving Your Spine

A forgotten element of our golf swing, spine health often becomes neglected in the process.

Resulting in limited flexibility and spinal pain, golfers are encouraged to find ways to preserve their golf flexibility through spinal exercises.

A popular exercise among golfers starts with their head against the wall.

With a friend holding the butt of a golf club on the top of your head, you then go through the swinging motion, with your head still against the wall.

Remaining in contact with the club throughout most of the swing will indicate that your spine’s angle remains consistent through the golf swing.

If your head disconnects from the club anytime outside of the follow through, this indicates that the back needs to be straightened, taking pressure off of the spine as a result.

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