Compress The Golf Ball For Deeper Golf Shots

Jan 09, 2019

Compress The Golf Ball For Deeper Golf Shots

Golfers can improve the accuracy of their flight path over longer distances with increased backspin, by learning how to compress the golf ball.

Compressing the golf ball, or trapping the ball between your clubface and the turf, continues to receive high praise from golf instructors and PGA Tour pros alike, as an essential technique every golfer should master.

Naturally, the level of difficulty associated with learning to compress the golf ball has plagued many golfers during their first attempts at the technique.

Understanding that every player absorbs information differently, we’ve provided a great video on ball compression drills above, as well as the below article which clearly lays out each step in compressing the golf ball.

The Easiest Way To Compress a Golf Ball

First, a golfer must ensure that their body weight has been distributed to their rear leg, while focusing on proper body rotation.

Focusing on these aspects first, provides the best setup to produce the needed shallow angle of attack on the golf ball.

Next, the golfer shifts their body weight distribution to their lead leg, ensuring their rear shoulder progresses through the golf ball in forward motion.

The golfer should maintain focus on swinging downward onto the golf ball, creating a forward tilt at impact.

With respect to the grip of the golf club, the player should ensure they’re turning their top hand directly towards the ground on impact, which will then trap the golf ball.

If executed without flaw, our divot should be ahead of the golf ball, which clearly illustrates that these adjustments designed to compress the golf ball have been successful.

Breaking Down The Art of Compressing The Golf Ball

Any player familiar with how excellent the iron shots are of PGA Tour Pros may wonder how they execute so precisely on the golf course or range.

These results have little to do with luck, rather come from an expert ability to compress the golf ball on command.

The flat, even contact that golfers crave during impact typically comes by way of hitting downward on the ball.

When done correctly, the golfer will experience a pinching sensation through impact, as the ball becomes compressed between the ground and clubface.

Perfecting the technique of compressing the ball leads to short birdies and strong approaches.

Achieving the correct angle of attack ranks as the most important thing a golfer can learn in regards to compression.

Let Your Lower Body Take The Lead

Shifting our left hip into the target while pushing off our right foot must happen before we ever attempt to move our arms.

In the interest of pushing our waist line ahead of the golf ball prior to impact, we’re ensuring that we’re able to strike our ball prior to the clubhead catching the ground.

Keep Your Right Palm Towards The Turf

Provided that our right palm remains facing downward towards the ground, we’re allowed a proper strike.

This technique also naturally squares the clubface by default.

Many golf instructors and PGA Pros consider this technique to be the most important regarding compressing the golf ball.

Balancing Body Rotation On Our Left Side

While the right side of our bodies produce downward pressure into the golf ball, the left side must progress upward and backward, balancing proper rotation.

This rotation also adds a substantial increase in speed to our golf swing as a result.

Positioning our left side upward at the point of impact guarantees we hit the ball first, with the ground immediately following.

Maintaining Precise Angles of Attack That Compress The Ball

Crucial to compressing the golf ball, our angle of attack must be down at impact.

Many golfers visualize driving the golf ball into the turf like a hammer and nail, which produces a deeply driven ball through compression.

Golfers need not obsess over the precise degree they hit downward onto the golf ball.

As long as they’re striking the ball with power, producing remarkable flight paths illustrates that they’re hitting the ball correctly.

The downward strike achieved effectively compresses the ball on impact, providing an ideal flight path and the desired backspin.

Adding Golf Ball Compression Shots To Your Arsenal

Though somewhat difficult in practice, once a golfer has mastered how to compress the golf ball, such a technique will make their golf game exciting and efficient.

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