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Dec 26, 2018

Drive The Ball DEEP with Easy Golf Swing Drills

Regardless of playing level, all golfers are looking for golf swing drills that can drive the ball farther, deep down the course.

With the several elements at play during any golf swing, players have limitless options in regards to potential adjustments in their game.

Of these adjustments, we’ve found the following to be the most advantageous concerning hitting the ball farther in general.

Golf Swing Adjustments That Send The Ball Deeper

Whenever anyone tells a golfer they have the secret to hitting the ball deeper, folks notice a level of skepticism clouds the minds of many players, as several people have promised such results with an inability to deliver.

With the advent of easy access to streaming video, golf instructors and coaches are held to their word in a show and prove mentality that has permeated across the internet.

The drills and tips we provide through our online library of golf instruction has hundreds of hours featuring our coaches and students putting their money where their mouth sits, showcasing the fruits of these practical golf swing drills.

Adjusting Your Grip For Better Drives

At square one, many golfers find immediate improvement in the depth of their drives through adjusting the way they grip their golf club.

By simply adjusting their knuckles slightly inside in the direction of the target, players have encountered a marked improvement in their ability to drive through the golf ball at the point of impact.

Excessive squeezing on the grip will likely cause more detriment than improvement, leading many to use the analogy of holding a toothpaste tube in relation to how hard we grip the golf club.

Using Hip Rotation To Drive The Ball Farther

Some of the smallest golfers in the world have driven the ball much farther than hulkier players due to their strong utilization of hip rotation.

At the start of the downswing, players pull their golf club with their hips through the swing, instead of using arm strength to push it.

The backswing builds up a huge amount of torque that players can unleash through the rotation of their hips when going through their downswing.

How Weight Distribution Relates To Golf Swing Power

Proper weight distribution during the mechanics of a golf swing cannot be stressed enough.

60% of our entire body weight must sit on our back leg through our backswing.

Pivoting the ball with our hands and hip rotation, we should then shift nearly all of our weight onto the front leg during downswing.

Failing to appropriately transfer our weight during the golf swing will result in an imbalanced shot that falls short of target.

What Adjustments Are The Most Important?

It’s impossible to generalize the adjustments made during our golf swing in regards to furthering the distance of the golf ball after impact.

Golfers are encouraged to make the needed adjustments in their swing and experiment with the results.

Not every adjustment will translate into results for every golfer, as players must tap into their own strengths and underplay their shortcomings as strongly as possible.

Once a golfer can comfortably achieve their desired distance through experimentation with swing adjustments, they will obviously know what works for them.

Driving Distance Means Nothing Without Control

You can send a golf ball flying much deeper than 300 yards, but without control - this feat may do much more harm than any good for the golfer.

When trying to send the ball flying down the fairway, many players sacrifice their core golf swing fundamentals in favor of achieving a further distance than usual.

Oddly enough, strong fundamentals are chief method for achieving enhanced driving distance on the golf course.

Focusing on the consistency of our balance, posture and tempo will garner more desirable results than simply sacrificing these elements in pursuit of a magic golf swing for distance.

Adding Distance Does Not Happen Overnight

Believe it or not, the numerous books, videos, and articles on the subject of hitting the ball farther hold no magic or secrets to getting the job done.

The only way to add distance to our drives comes from hours of practice and dedication on the course and at the driving range.

Experimentation with our golf swing fundamentals and applying proven drills during this time will show us a clear picture of where we are as golfers.

Once a player understands how they measure up in any degree they can then make the needed adjustments to advance beyond their currently playing level into their desired level of play.

We are dedicated to contributing to the growth of golfers, from novice to pro.

Expect more valuable lessons, instruction, drills and tips to fill this website each week, in addition to our ever popular YouTube channel.


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