Golf For Beginners- Smart Drills & Swing Tips For Rapid Improvement

Dec 05, 2018

Golf For Beginners- Smart Drills That Rapidly Improve Your Game

Golfing can be the most intimidating sport for beginners who have never played the game.

Apprehension regarding taking up golf keep many of the greats from ever swinging a club.

We’ve compiled the basic drills any player needs when beginning their journey into the world of golf.

Why Choose To Golf?

The greatest sport in the world, golf - transcends language, culture, and borders.

People from around the globe may disagree on a multitude of things, but nearly every country on the map has a deep love for the game of golf.

Where Golf For Beginners Should Start

When contemplating taking up golfing as your next challenge in life, beginners are encouraged to do so on a driving range rather than diving into the golf course first.

Driving ranges are a casual setting where real work can be done on a golfer’s swing without the added pressures of actual gameplay on a golf course preventing the progress.

Any PGA Pro will tell a novice just beginning their training that the foundation of any good golfer comes through establishing the fundamentals of a proper golf swing.

Golf drills related to understanding the mechanics of a proper golf swing can easily be learned and practiced at the driving range with a coach, friend, or a tablet playing our many hours of free videos.

What Beginners Need To Know Before Swinging The Club

Essentially, any first-time golfer needs to understand the basic elements and fundamentals surrounding a proper golf swing.

Golf Swing Basics Include:

Such a laundry list of moving parts within a golf swing that goes by in mere seconds could be overwhelming to a beginner, but regular visits to the driving range will give any golfer ample time to work out each element of their swing one at a time.

Making The Challenge of Golfing Fun

The most important factor in golf on any level should be the fun you have actively playing the game.

With the amount of time, effort, and cash many golfers invest in the sport, some forget this element completely in the process.

Golf can be a great way for friends to come together and enjoy themselves or to make new friends and connections through the sport.

Novice players who are making their first steps into the sport should accept advice and invitations to join other players while at the driving range or on the golf course.

It’s amazing what we can learn from other golfers simply by watching them perform.

Conversely, beginners would be surprised to know how much free advice can be applied to their technique simply by running into the right person at the right time at the range or on the course.

Chance encounters with a colleague or new face while golfing can take your game up several levels in a single outing.

Many golfers enjoy themselves on the course by developing contests, obstacles, and challenges with their group or with the new faces they meet while golfing on that particular day.

New players will be surprised by how much they learn about golf simply by having fun doing so.

If You Want To Learn Golf - Do It ASAP

Human beings, especially as we age, have a tendency to amass a very long to do list

We encourage anyone interested in taking up golf to do so immediately.

The sooner you start learning the game, the quicker you begin mastering the many elements that make great golfers.

Several of the greatest golfers in the world will never step foot on a golf course because they kept it on their to-do list for a lifetime.

The simplest way into golf for beginners involves getting themselves to a driving range and giving the game a shot.

Rather than worrying about how much it will cost to purchase an entire set of golf clubs, the range will have everything you need to at least give golf a try.

Once you get your first taste of the sport, you can begin outfitting yourself with all the needed accessories as you go.

After you have developed an affection for the game (you will) consider buying just a few clubs to practice or even borrowing a set from a friend, you most certainly know at least one golfer and they’ll be happy to help you.

Smart Golf Drills Beginners Can Practice Immediately

Once you’ve hit the driving range a handful of times, it would be ideal to begin practicing golf drills that will bring improvement to your game.

As a beginner, the chief skill you’ll need to develop exists in aligning your golf stance properly to the intended target.

First, choose a target you wish to hit the golf ball to.

Next, place your ball on the ground and begin your setup routine, adjusting your body into your desired golfing posture.

Then, grab an iron golf club, place it face down on the ground, just touching the tips of your feet, which will mark the place your feet are aligned to.

With a second golf club, place it next to the ball and parallel to the golf club used for the alignment of your feet.

Move backward and observe how well your alignment points configure in relation to your intended target.

This drill determines how well a golfer has naturally aligned with their target.

If the golf clubs are not pointing in the direction of the target, then the natural alignment of the golfer needs serious work.

This drill can be repeated several times to determine the accuracy of our alignment in relation to the intended target.

Making Golf For Beginners An Easy Transition

The word least commonly associated with golf for beginners must be the word easy.

Despite the few frustrations that may lie ahead for new golfers, players must understand that golf cannot be mastered overnight.

Keep an eye on our website for great new content that seeks to assist golfers of all skill sets with their technique and results on the golf course.

We have hours of free content archived here and on our popular YouTube Channel, which offers novice players a constant resource to refine their skills and conquer the exciting sport of golf.

Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

We won’t be titling this article “How To Swing a Golf Club” as minimizing the entire golf swing down to a single component would be a horrible way to introduce golf to beginners.

Players new to the game of golf may be under the impression that a golf swing simply involves swinging the club and hoping for results.

Unfortunately, several golfers begin their journey into the game this way and many of them never leave the driving range as a result.

Today, we’ll explore the basics of a golf swing and provide beginners with the needed fundamentals to get them in the game.

Establish a Solid Setup For Your Golf Swing

Newcomers to golf may be unaware that how we place our bodies prior to swinging the club can make or break our first drive.

In respect to stance, beginners must decide what style of posture best suits their body types in regards to weight, height, and any physical limitations they may have.

The posture of a golfer starting at 30 will vary from a golfer taking their first swing at 13.

Knowing our own limitations and strengths assist in determining which golf stance best compliments these crucial elements in our swing.

Practicing Posture Makes Perfect

If an individual has never swung a golf club outside of their local mini-golf course, they are likely to be unaware of how to distribute their weight during their golf swing.

There are several elements regarding swing posture when golfing that can benefit or be a detriment to the golfer.

It would be best that a beginner either observe the content available online and practice these techniques on the course or work with a buddy who plays at a higher level.

Get a Grip... on your Golf Club

First-time golfers will have quite the time experimenting with their preferred golf grip.

Luckily, practicing your club grip does not need to happen on a golf course, so beginners can practice their grips nearly anywhere that they can stand up with the club.

Many golfers new to the game keep their clubs visible around their home or office and pick the club up each time it enters their range of sight.

The more often beginners pick up their golf clubs and practice their grips, the more comfortable they will be when they’re on the course practicing their swings.

Visit The Driving Range With Intentions of Progress

In the era of Top Golfs popping up around the country, the purpose of visiting the driving range can be lost upon golfers new to the game.

It’s true that cracking a golf ball with a driver and sending it off a balcony can relieve stress and definitely beats the bowling alley for company outings, but when you’re looking to improve your golf swing, you must visit the range with a plan.

All elements of our golf swing can be practiced and improved simply by visiting the driving range and applying the drills or tips we’ve gathered from several sources.

Educating yourself before swinging the club will result in a faster understanding of swing mechanics while lowering the risk of injury to your spine and your ego.

Remember - You’re Still a Beginner

No matter the age of the beginner, learning to properly swing the golf club can come with a decent level of frustration for all new players.

There are several things new golfers can do that will lighten the stress that ensues in the early stages of developing their game, simply by making the right choices on the golf course.

Expert golfers recommend using clubs that are shorter and well lofted.

Golf clubs of this variety promote correct posture and targeted strikes onto the golf ball.

As with golf clubs that have high loft, the ball tends to soar much higher than clubs with a lower degree of loft, which will build up the confidence in any first-time golfer learning the game.

Coaches also recommend starting your golf swing mastery with wedges and moving on to other clubs once each has been fully mastered.

Longer advanced clubs often result in inconsistent difficult shots for beginners, which may lead to frustration and discouraging results.

Several golfers may take up to a year before they ever incorporate the driver into their game.

Keep Your Mind On Getting Better

The mental element of golfing cannot be stressed enough.

Beginning your practice sessions with a focused, positive mindset will make the entire process of mastering your golf swing enjoyable and productive.

PGA Masters do not become champions simply by picking up a golf club once, they do so countless times before ever achieving greatness.

The number one objective of any golfer starting out has to be to learn and have fun while doing so.

Be sure to keep an eye on our site and social streams for new exciting golf tips and drill videos for golfers of all skill sets.

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