Mental Golf Game Strategy | Consistency Starts In Our Mind

golf mental game Sep 07, 2019

Mental Golf Game Strategy | Consistency Starts In Our Mind

At risk of sounding like a new age guru, the thoughts and visualizations that golfers experience on the course or at the driving range directly influence their results, or lack thereof.

This includes pessimistic thoughts about screwing up your shot, muttering self deprecating remarks to yourself as you play, and visualizing worst case scenarios on the golf course before you ever swing the club.

Players should be realistic with themselves but the time for self critique should not come when you should be focusing on the task at hand - enjoying a round of golf.

Understandably, golf can be a frustrating sport to learn, causing many novices to experience levels of self doubt and critique while training or playing their first round.

However, constant thoughts of negativity and pessimism will cause your own progress to stagnate, generate anxious frustrations on the course and may cause otherwise gifted players to walk away from the game before ever realizing their true full potential.

Realize that the techniques depicted in the typical George Gankas golf video were not perfected overnight.

Practitioners of the GG Swing Method have studied the techniques included in specific George Gankas golf videos in order to perfect their flaws and strengthen their existing abilities.

Gankas has direct lessons regarding mental golf, which when put into action have helped several of his students reach well beyond their goals on the course.

As included in the video below, there are several strengths that players can utilize in their own mind that will assist in the development of their game, especially in regards to their overall consistency as a golfer.

Visualize The Results You Wish To Achieve

Any tour caliber player will agree, visualization plays a huge role in their overall game each weekend.

By assembling the results they wish to achieve in their own mind, golfers are able to visually watch their game plan unfold in their mind’s eye - making adjustments where issues may pop up.

As to be expected, a player cannot possibly visualize every single aspect of an upcoming round, but by mentally planning out how they wish to play, golfers can establish their best case scenario mentally by not focusing on worst case scenario conditions that in most cases will not unfold in reality on the golf course.

Using your mind to picture your ideal posture, mentally build a perfect golf swing and focus in on the details of putting will ease any anxieties you may have leading up to the round and help you to be relaxed once you’re on the golf course.

Add Consistency To Your Golf Swing Routine

You may notice many baseball players repeat the same motions when stepping into the batter's box before each at bat.

Players are not doing this simply because it looks cool to the fans, they are developing consistency in their batting routine.

The same can be said for golfers, as many players repeat the same steps before each shot on the golf course.

Often golfer’s swing routines involve repeated hand movements, picturing the upcoming shot they’re about to take and even breathing exercises.

George Gankas developed a breathing exercise for his students that he calls “4-7-11”

During a 4-7-11 breathing exercise, Gankas instructs his students to breathe in for 4 seconds, hold that breath for 7 seconds, and exhale for 11 seconds.

Sometimes this breathing exercise will be repeated by George’s students until they feel fully in tune with the task at hand and are ready to swing.

Many of his players have attributed much success to practicing the mental golf strategies taught by George, with many reaching well beyond their goals in the sport of golf.


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