Golf Swing Drills For Intentional Hooking

Dec 08, 2018

Golf Swing Drills For Intentional Hooking

Often regarded as an unintentional result of a mishit, hook shots in golf can be a vital technique when applied in the correct situation.

There are many crucial situations on the golf course that can be countered with a well placed intentional hook shot.

When intentionally hitting a hook or a hook shot, the ball will curve drastically from right-to-left while in flight, or left-to-right in flight for a left handed golfer.

Most golfers see a hook shot as a more pronounced draw shot, as the curve created in a hooking shot overshifts that of a traditional draw.

Golf Swings That Create Intentional Hook Shots

Being able to hit a hooking shot whenever needed works as an amazing asset to any golfer.

There are several situations that players encounter on the course that benefit hugely from the ability to hit a hook on command.

Most golfers find closing in their golf stance assists in producing a draw, when done more severely this adjustment results in a hook.

Next, golfers close the clubface at setup.

With their golf club in front of their body, the clubface then gets positioned in a closed alignment.

Hitting an intentional hook does not require much adjustment in where the golfer grips the club, but rather an increased amount of strength in the club to produce the desired results.

These golf swing setup adjustments are best to be practiced at the driving range, experimenting with the variance of each element.

As a golfer practices these adjustments, hoping to hit an intentional hook shot, they may also find drastic improvements in their ability to hit a draw as well.

Improving Your Intentional Hook Shot Golf Swing

As common with any new golfing technique, mastering intentional hooking of the golf ball will require a good amount of practice on the driving range before the results are consistent and predictable.

Often players practicing intentional hook shots understand at address that they may miss their intended target.

Rather than fixating on missing their target, golfers are encouraged to focus on where the ball starts and how drastically it curves.

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