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Dec 29, 2018


Golfing Tips For Golf Swing Power Boost

If you told a room full of golfers to stand up if they wanted to add a power boost to their golf swings, you would have ZERO use for chairs in that room

Needless to say, many players new and familiar with the game have a deeply vested interest in adding strength to the impact of their golf swings.

There are several adjustments and tweaks to any golfer’s game that can be made in the interest of gaining a more powerful golf swing.

Several tips and drills have been authored and compiled by coaches and PGA Tour Pros who have first hand knowledge of increasing the effectiveness and dominance of their golf swing.

Mastering The Ideal Golf Swing To Generate Increased Power

With a light grip on the golf club, a golfer should relax their arms to reduce tension in their muscles.

Hands and arms that experience tense muscles often cause a drastic reduction in the speed of our golf swing.

Typically golfers reference a 10 point scale in regards to the firmness of their grip, with 10 being most firm and 1 being the least firm.

Ideally, most golfers find the best results with swing styles that utilize a grip somewhere in the middle of the 10 point scale.

Extending Our Golf Club Correctly During The Backswing

Golfers looking to expand their swing strength can do so through widening the arc taken during their golf swing.

Extending the golf club completely away from our body during the backswing, golfers should aim to perform this adjustment with little to no head movement through the process.

Lead Your Downswing With Foot Movement

Once you’ve entered the downswing, roll your ankles towards the target line with the left heel planted in position.

Your knees will be pulled in a parallel direction together as your feet lead the way through the downswing.

This adjustment also improves hip rotation in regards to power and form, which also translate to generating increased strength for our overall swing.

Keep Your Wrists Locked Until Impact

Our wrists will remain locked in position for the duration of the backswing, maintaining a stronger release upon impact.

During our downswing, the wrists should remain locked until immediately before the golf club strikes the golf ball.

Adding Bonus Power To Our Golf Swing Post Impact

Our golf swing benefits from an increase in power when the golfer intends to fully extend their arms after impacting the golf ball, an adjustment that must be anticipated prior to execution.

Correcting Your Stance Adds Power To The Full Golf Swing

Often neglected by some, corrective adjustments to our golf stance during the setup of our swing generates additional power when done properly.

With your right foot leading in front of your left (opposite for lefty golfers), the distance ahead should not be huge but noticeable.

Rotating our right foot slightly outside also provides additional support during the swing.

Tweaking these minor aspects of our swing stance at setup naturally expand our body coil through the motion of our backswing.

Next, we rotate our left foot outward 45 degrees to open up our swing stance at the address position.

The motion in turning our left foot will allow our hips to quickly uncoil, which increases the power of our downswing.

Commonly the source of a weakened swing, be sure to apply extra pressure from the inner portion of your right leg into the turf.

This adjustment works best during the backswing, as resistance eases during the downswing, ultimately adding force to the swing.

Throughout the entire motion of our golf swing, maintaining balanced weight on the balls of our feet ensures a strong, powerful result.

Failing to equally shift our body weight between our feet, specifically on our toes or heels, results in an imbalance that weakens our entire golf swing.

Maintaining this weight balance in footing will deliver an optimal strong strike to the golf ball on impact.

Off Course Golf Tips and Drills For Stronger Swings

Several golf instructors have begun conducting drills with their students to increase the power of their golf swings through very unconventional means.

Many players have found value in medicine ball exercises, swinging a bare golf club shaft, use of resistance bands, and adding weighted objects to their clubs for increasing power.

Though their methods may not be the prettiest things to look at, these unorthodox golf drills have assisted many golfers in adding loads of strength to their swings.

Planning For Power Before Swinging Your Golf Club

Great golfers were not born overnight, so we cannot expect to see positive changes in our golf swings unless we’re willing to map out our success before picking up a club.

From choosing the best club that suits your abilities, to practicing on the course with clear goals, many golfers will find that success starts before they ever address the ball.

We’re committed to assisting golfers of all skill sets in fine tuning their skills on the golf course in every aspect of play.

Keep an eye out for new videos and articles, geared towards creating the most enjoyable golfing experiences possible.


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