Tips For Mastering Your Golf Stance

Nov 10, 2018

Golf Tips for Mastering Stance

An effective golf stance has several key components that must be correctly executed to deliver the intended results.

Maintaining a balanced posture throughout your swing will achieve the outcome you’re aiming for, in regards to a proper golf stance.

Veteran golfers know that narrowing their stance will limit their power output and inhibit their ability to maintain balance through their swing.

Conversely, widening your golf stance makes it nearly impossible to shift your weight while swinging the club, an aspect that builds power and speed.

In the linked video, we present a variety of drills aimed at promoting an overall balance between the multiple aspects of your golf swing that contribute to a proper stance.

Golf Ball Position In Stance

It may be hard to believe, but many golfers never ponder how the placement of the golf ball relates to their stance.

Positioning the ball correctly changes based on what club the golfer chooses.

Understanding that club selection determines the center of impact on the ball, the importance of proper ball placement weighs heavily on the desired outcome of any golf swing.

Ball Position For Our Short Clubs

We can easily correct the placement of the ball by placing the club in the middle of our stance, angled right in relation to the flight path of our target.

Centering our ball’s position works best when using shorter clubs.

Golf swings taken at this placement assist in creating backspin by hitting down on the ball.

Ball Position For Our Long Clubs

When positioning the ball for longer clubs, most golfers observe moving the position towards their lead foot (½ to 1 inch) works best.

When using a driver, the best results are likely when hitting the ball to the inside of our leading foot, allowing a clean hit rather than hitting downward.

Open Golf Stance Vs Closed Stanced

Some golfers become confused concerning the benefits or disadvantages associated with an open golf stance vs closed stances.

Performing an Open Golf Stance

An open golf stance finds the toe line crossing the target line, slightly behind the ball.

Put simply, golfers aim just left of the target when utilizing an open golf stance.

Some players find it easier to produce their open stance when coming out of a squared stance.

Many have observed making the required adjustments to their stance to be less difficult when coming out of a neutral stance first.

The results of an open golf stance begin by opening the clubface, which adds loft to the swing.

Increasing the loft of our swing adds height to the shot, much beyond the normal performance of the club being used.

The swing path of an open stance creates an outside-in path, which takes the ball from left to right, with added sidespin.

Pros commonly refer to this action as a fade or slice.

Performing a Closed Golf Stance

The toe line of a closed golfing stance crosses the target line, aiming slightly to the right of our target

Proper closed golf stances are performed by placing your feet first in a squared stance.

We then must bring our left foot forward while rotating our right foot clockwise.

Ensure that your right foot can relax comfortably on the turf, in a position that parallels your left foot.

Using a closed golfing stance will instantly close the clubhead to our swing path, which drastically reduces the overall loft of our swing.

Balls hit with this stance tend to fly lower than the usual height achieved with a given club.

With an inside-out swing path, golfers produce a right to left side spin, commonly associated with drawing or hooking the golf ball.

The Importance Of Proper Golf Stance

Once you’ve practiced and mastered the variety of golf stance drills explained in our videos, the overall importance of stance will become invaluable to your game.

Having an understanding of closed and open stances will enable players to effectively leverage any situation they encounter on the golf course to their advantage.

The added confidence that comes way of mastering your posture and golf setup will also provide an instant boost to your game, adding excitement and enjoyment to your golfing experiences.

Here at we want to help you skyrocket your golf game to the next level. Be sure to check out our video on shallowing your golf swing.


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