Strengthen Your Swing | Golf Workouts

golf workouts Nov 30, 2019

Strengthen Your Swing | Golf Workouts

With the amount of importance that many novice golfers place on their upper body and core muscle group movements, the intense untapped power found in our lower body muscles can often be overlooked.

Acting as the driving force behind every deep distance drive and powerful shot you see the pros knock out each weekend, strengthening our lower body muscles through targeted golf workouts can be a huge game changer for players that are looking to add power to their swings.

Increasing the strength in your leg muscles through targeted workouts will ultimately lead to improved composition in your swing, while amping up the speed in your clubhead.

Working out the muscle groups in your lower body, especially the legs, will promote increased stability in your golf swing, while drastically improving your agility and making flawed motion much less likely.

Through focused training, as exhibited in this George Gankas golf lesson, players will begin to redistribute the majority of their body weight to their legs.

As taught through the GG Swing Method, strong legs promote a more stabilized golf swing, evident in the way golfers have applied George Gankas golf lessons to their own development as players.

While novice golfers stand to benefit dramatically from adopting leg exercises into their golf workout routines, even seasoned players or golfers that are rehabbing an injury should consider applying these movements to their existing training.

Golf Workouts That Promote Leg Strength

When looking to add strength to your lower body, focusing on your leg muscles will immediately ensure that your swing benefits from increased stability and weight balance.

Many golfers begin with single leg deadlifts when interested in expanding the power found in their hips and glutes.

Not only do single leg deadlifts increase strength, most players will notice that the alignment in the core and back becomes more symmetrical when doing these workouts on a regular basis.

Leg swings are another exercise that many golfers have credited with expanded mobility in their entire lower body.

Basic enough to be incorporated into any normal warm up routine, working on leg swings as a means to expand your lower body power will also ensure you remain free of flawed motion or muscle strains.

Players balance their body by holding onto a pole or their golf club to maintain balance, spreading their feet out in alignment with their shoulders.

Next, golfers simply need to just swing their leg back and forth, while maintaining solid posture in their upper body.

You should aim to maintain a consistent speed while performing 10 swings per set, then switch to the opposite leg.

Another great golf workout that builds lower body strength involves jumping onto a box.

Known as box jumps, this exercise involves gradually increasing the height of boxes, which will eventually translate into the elimination of spine compression due to heightened resistance found in many players.

Expect to experience increased strength in your hamstrings and glutes while performing this workout, which will provide expanded force and velocity during the downswing transition.

Golfers who are seeking exercises that will quickly build muscles in their legs will be huge fans of rotating lunges, which also will help players establish a separation between their upper and lower body.

By easily establishing separation between our lower body and upper body, players will expand the distance of their shots tremendously.

To successfully perform this workout, golfers must assume an upright position and then drop to one knee, with the opposite knee tilted forward.

Your lead side will be utilized to drop and raise your body during this exercise.

Ensure that your upper body rotates to your lead side during this drill.

When executed correctly, expect to experience increased spinal flexibility, while being empowered to skillfully separate the upper and lower portions of your body.

Greatest Golf Swing Efficiency Hacks | Posture and Setup

Even novice golfers can immediately understand the importance of a sound posture and swing stance when framing shots at the driving range or in active play on the golf course.

In order to achieve an adequate level of force in your swing and enable consistent results shot after shot, players must work on developing a golf swing setup that leverages correct posture throughout each component.

Unlike several other sports, mastering an efficient golf swing posture does not require hours in the gym, hitting the weights or even any healthy adjustments to your diet.

You will need to spend time on developing your golf swing setup and a posture style that adapts well to how you’re swinging your golf club, which will not be achieved simply through focusing on doing so.

Novice golfers spend hours experimenting with a variation of posture adjustments while honing their own unique golf swing setup, which typically develops a deep level of consistency in the resulting shots.

George Gankas golf vlogs have assisted golfers in nearly every continent with achieving their goals in the sport, under the GG Swing Method.

Comprised of focused online instruction based on the popular George Gankas golf vlogs found through the popular GG Swing Tips Golf YouTube Channel, this system has received praise in several different languages, inspiring huge portions of the international golfing community to better their techniques and correct their shortcomings together.

Players must recognize their golf swing as full body motion, with smaller components within each muscle group making up the entire movement

Focusing on these smaller movements individually allows players to identify trouble areas more quickly, such as improper posture and any imbalances in weight distribution or rotation.

Where Does Bad Golf Posture Come From?

Most poor posture found in golfers can be attributed to reduced core muscle group strength.

Many players who encounter issues with their golf swing posture find that working out their core muscles often results in improved performance on the golf course.

Understandably, our core muscles play a huge role in our ability to deliver amazing shots at the range or on the course, directing large portions of total body motion during the entire duration of any golf swing.

Developing Your Golf Swing Posture

Each player must remember that their natural swing posture develops relative to their body, meaning that each player has their own unique set up.

Our natural swing posture will almost always need evaluation, direction, training and practice.

Golf instructors like Gankas have their own means of assisting their students in developing solid postures, which usually provide immediate results once training begins.

Most golfers seeking instruction are either slouching or standing up way too straight and upright, resulting in misaligned shots and frustrations for the players.

Golfers that are slouching too much during their swings suffer from a over-rounding of their spine angles, while other players who try to remedy a slouching issue are often standing upright as straight as an arrow, which also creates inconsistent shots as a result.

Both conditions are quite natural flaws that are found in most golfers at some point, resulting in reduced force, accuracy and distance until the improper posture has been remedied through practice.

Optimizing the movements in a player’s shoulders during their golf swing often results in massive improvements in consistency and power.

These corrections are often made by training players to stop turning their head downward to observe the ball while swinging the golf club.

Instructors teach players how to keep their eyes on the ball without tilting their spines downward and forfeiting much of their force and accuracy in the process as well.


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