Golf Tips For Expanding the Inside Path

Dec 12, 2018

Golf Tips For Expanding Inside Path

Often distance and accuracy are lacking during golf outings because the golf club travels on an incorrect swing path.

There are several elements in our swings that can be adjusted and refined to obtain the desired inside swing path that eludes many golfers of varying skill sets.

Today’s article focuses on these elements and how to refine our inside path with golf tips passed on by proven golf pros.

Proper Swing Setup For an Inside Path

Learning to swing our club down an inside path may be the most important adjustment we can make to our setup.

An outside angle of attack on the golf ball often results in our clubface creating short shots that curve far right of our intended target.

Golfers new to the sport often find difficulty in swinging their clubs on an inside path due to the fact that they lack tempo in their swings.

There are a variety of golf tips and drills designed specifically to refine our golf swings in the interest of create a pure inside path for the club to travel into impact.

Make Your Swing Path Go Out Then Inside

Many golfers will experience difficulty when seeking to swing on an inside path.

Players new to this type of play or experiencing frustrating results should focus their efforts on making their swings go outside then inside.

During this drill, golfers are encouraged to take their golf club straight back then up on their takeaway.

This forces the club to go on the outside path at the start.

On the top of your swing, the golfer should be able to turn their hips through impact, effectively coming down from the inside.

Developing An Inside Path With Tempo

Tempo serves as a crucial element when seeking to create an inside swing path.

When developing a new swing style, tempo plays a huge role in the success of such drills.

Golfers come over the top rather than down due to the swiftness in transition at the start of their backswing.

Controlling the backswing with improved tempo allows a smoother transition that promotes an inside path during the downswing.

Guiding Your Swing Through An Inside Path

Many golfers produce flawed swing paths because finding the imperfections in our own swings can be very difficult.

Setting up a marker during our swings, like a club head cover, outside the ball will help indicate if we’re swinging on an inside path.

With a marker laying on the ground, an over the top swing will hit the marker, instantly indicating that our swing did not come down following an inside path.

Understanding Proper Inside Path

The proper swing path of a golf club takes an inside path in the direction of the target line.

Though very basic, this principle of golf swings can still be hard to fathom for golfers still putting theory into practice.

A correctly swung golf club automatically comes inside behind our shoulders.

Our swing then travels down an identical inside path toward the point of impact.

Once the swing has moved through impact, the club will curve behind our backs in the same position it took at address.

Golfers can physically demonstrate the proper inside path a club must take by doing a simple exercise with an iron club.

With the iron club held in your swing hand only, take the club backward with zero guides.

Next, allow the club to swing back downward.

A clubhead should naturally swing toward the ball openly, come through and close off again.

Allowing the club to release creates a natural physical motion with greater accuracy and strength.

This utilizes the natural power of gravity to be released through the swing.

Many PGA instructors utilize the same exercise when coaching their golfers on inside swing path and proper striking.

Applying Our Lessons To Your Golf Game

With the information in this article and the attached video drills, golfers will begin to be able to understand and apply crucial tips in creating an inside path.

We’re dedicated to assisting golfers of all skill levels with improving their game through articles and videos posted weekly on our site and social streams.

Keep an eye out for future lessons and remember that all golfers are different so refining your own skill sets will be an ongoing process - but it must be fun and exciting as well!

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