Best Golf Drills For Hitting Irons Pure

Jan 23, 2019

Best Golf Drills For Hitting Irons Pure

No matter how long you search the internet, you will not find a miracle drill that will pure your irons overnight, without putting in the practice to understand the process.

Learning to control your swing and to shallow the club face on the ball can correct one of the biggest flaws in any golfer’s iron play.

Start by understanding that you don’t need to put massive amounts of power into your swing in order to send the ball sailing into the green

Position The Ball Correctly

The position of your ball during iron play should have little differentiation with each shot you take.

During the downswing, throwing your body weight towards the target, your position in relation to the ball will ensure a clean downward connection upon impact.

Building a good foundation for your golf stance plays a crucial role in striking irons purely.

Your golf setup should allow for body weight to shift in a backward motion, with optimal follow through.

Adjust Your Golf Swing For Pure Iron Play

While maintaining the width of your golf stance, shift your body weight left and begin your downswing.

You’ll find yourself in the best position to strike the ball as your body rotates efficiently.

In order to hit down on the ball, many golfers raise the clubhead of their iron slightly above the ground before taking their usual swing.

Through basic hand-eye coordination, your instincts will force a connection with the ball in this setup.

Ensure you’re directing the energy on your right side (knee, shoulder, arm) towards the intended target.

Focusing these attributes will maintain your speed prior to striking the ball, and prevent scooping the ball or flipping.

Players known for hitting golf irons pure on a consistent basis are infamous for the amount of power in the right side of their body during iron play

Beginners Guide To Hitting Irons Pure

Experts urge golfers that are still perfecting their iron play strategy to be mindful of several elements that refine the technique and guarantee pure strikes.

Golfers new to iron play are reminded to go lightly on their backswings.

As striking irons purely requires a sweeping motion. Such a technique requires a smoother shallow swing.

Many golf instructors refer to this method as low and slow.

Be Mindful Of Your Posture Throughout The Swing

Golfers still developing their iron play strategies often overlook elements of their posture which are crucial to hitting golf irons pure.

Maintaining attention to the right side of your body during the swing will help mend any ill adjustments previously made to your posture when using iron clubs.

Players are encouraged to keep their right arm straight on the takeaway, which assists in rotating the shoulder rather than just raising their arms.

Use Your Entire Body To Power Iron Strikes

Rather than overexerting any one point of our swing, the entire body should be viewed as the driving force behind a purely hit iron strike.

Our shoulders can be leveraged for power by simply tilting them, allowing our spine to pivot opposite of our intended target.

Everything we do leading up to impact with the ball either adds or subtracts from the overall power of our golf swing.

A high powered body rotation will ensure pure iron strikes but requires all elements leading up to contact be leveraged in unison effectively.

Build Consistency In Iron Play

Hitting golf irons pure with consistency requires practice and adjusting your iron play technique based on what works best for you.

As with any golfing technique, players know that any golf lesson cannot be a one size fits all endeavor.

Rather, some golfers experience success in utilizing different strategies that may not be fruitful for all.

Improving impact with the ball and using our entire bodies as the driving force behind striking irons purely will give most golfers a clear insight into what works and what doesn’t for their style of iron play.

Golfers are encouraged to experiment with the things we teach in our hundreds of hours of video, developing their own personal strategy of play.

Check out our GG SwingTips Golf YouTube Channel.

Once on the course and putting theory into practice, golfers can begin to build consistency in their iron game and hit irons pure at will.

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