Simple Rotation Drills Offer Instant Improvement To Golf Swings

Nov 17, 2018

Improve your Golf Swings Instantly with our Simple Rotation Drills

Some golfers may yet to understand the huge impact their body rotation has on producing powerful and precise golf swings.

Golf instructors lightly touch on how and why body rotation adjustments have such a huge influence on golf swings, without offering much in actionable advice.

In today’s article, you will find several golf tips from coaches with PGA tour experience and be able to apply their proven advice the next time you pick up a golf club.

Improving Your Rotation For More Powerful Golf Swing

First, it must be said that body rotation alone does not make or break any golfer’s swing.

Understanding and adjusting each individual element of a golf swing will vastly improve or diminish results produced on the course.

But, rotation contributes in a huge way to the overall results of a golf swing, good or bad.

Narrowing or widening your body’s movements during a swing will determine the likelihood of hitting a powerful, precise shot - which will take practice and gradual adjustment.

PGA Tour pros do not place a high priority on their turns by accident.

Golfers that have reached this level of play understand that their shoulders can generate significant amounts of speed and power in their backswing.

Understanding and harnessing these rotation techniques often make the difference between a champion and decent golfer.

Body Rotation : The Secret Weapon Of Every Golfer

Unlike many sports, the size of the player in golf does not dictate their ability to generate power and strength.

Countless PGA Tour pros of small stature use effective body rotation as a means to generate the powerful swings that most would associate with men of larger frames.

Driving the golf ball huge distances has little to do with the body weight, height, or muscle mass a golfer has been blessed with or crafted in a gym.

Understanding and controlling our body’s movements throughout the golf swing undoubtedly surpasses the results that a golfer would aim to achieve solely on their physical fitness or stature alone.

In this sense, body rotation can be considered a secret weapon for many golfers, as an opponent cannot visually size up a player’s ability to shift and balance their bodies through their physical appearance.

Generating Golf Swing Speed Through Managed Body Rotation

At the core of every effective golf swing, properly managed body rotation exists as the foundation.

For golfers that are interested in increasing speed during their golf swings, they need not look any further than how accurately they’re managing their body rotation.

It could be suggested that speed during a golf swing rests solely on “the shoulders” of the golfer (pun very much intended).

Ensuring your back faces the target on the top of the swing, a calculated shoulder turn must be produced while taking the backswing.

This can be easy for some players to achieve while other golfers may need to put in extra effort if they’re less flexible.

Making your lower body the target of attention after the backswing, control will be shifted to the hips immediately, rotating the lower body directly into the target.

When these rotations are done correctly, expect to see an intense increase in overall swing speed as a result.

NEVER Sacrifice Balance During Your Golf Swing

As with anything on the golf course, sometimes golfers can overdo a specific technique or maneuver to their own detriment.

While managing the rotation of our bodies through the swing, we must maintain our balance throughout the entire exercise.

Could you imagine falling on your back or missing the golf ball completely simply because you turned your body off balance?

No one wants to experience this.

As with any aspect of a good golf game, almost every element of great golfing depends on a player’s balance in order to achieve the intended results.

Rotating your shoulders during the backswing or hips during the downswing too far will completely disrupt your balance and produce disastrous results.

Implementing Balanced Body Rotation Into Your Swing

While properly managing the calculated rotations our shoulders and hips make during our golf swings has a high impact over our game, it cannot be the only element we focus on.

As found in our program and the thousands of hours of video we distribute freely on YouTube and other social streams, several elements must be fine tuned by golfers in order to enjoy favorable results.

Like the old breakfast cereal commercials, body rotation acts only as part of a balanced golfer.

So, the next time you pick up a club and head to the course or driving range, be mindful of how your shoulders and hips contribute or detract from your golf swing.

Mindfulness of how our body’s rotation influences our golf swing will help any golfer fine-tune their swings, adding speed and strength in the process.

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