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Easy Golf Tips for Improved Downswing

downswing golf tips Feb 06, 2019

Easy Golf Tips for Improved Downswing

Correcting an over the top downswing requires golfers to examine the overuse present in their upper body motion during their golf swing.

Identifying the moment in their golf swing that causes overuse in their upper body will eliminate the common mistake of coming over the top on their swings.

An over the top swing happens when our golf club veers away from the desired swing plane, with the head attacking the golf ball from outside in.

If the clubface takes impact squarely, our shot will be pulled, while an open clubface will cause the the shot to be sliced.

Before we can fix our faulty downswing, we must identify where and how we’re coming over the top.

Pinpointing The Malfunction In Your Downswing

Golfers may be committing a variety of miscalculations while working through their downswing, any of which may be the cause of a sliced or pulled shot

Many players retrace their golf swings in reverse in order to identify the actions that may be...

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Proven Golf Tips That Maximize Impact Position Performance

golf tips impact position Jan 26, 2019

Proven Golf Tips That Maximize Impact Position Performance

If you’re having trouble adding long distance to your golf shots, you’re not alone.

Most golfers, regardless of skill level, complain of hitting their shots shorter than intended, with little idea of how to effectively expand the distance of their drives.

While golfing does not have a cookie cutter application for adding distance to our shots, there are several adjustments able to be applied to our golf swings that create the perfect environment for increased distance.

Proper Weight Distribution To Increase Driving Distance

Very important though often overlooked, properly distributing our body weight can add more distance to an otherwise normal golf swing.

At the pinnacle of our backswing, ideally 40% of our body weight should be on our front leg, with the remaining 60% distributed to our back leg.

As our body rotates through the golf ball, guided by our hands and hips, only 10% of our body weight should remain...

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Best Golf Drills For Hitting Irons Pure

Best Golf Drills For Hitting Irons Pure

No matter how long you search the internet, you will not find a miracle drill that will pure your irons overnight, without putting in the practice to understand the process.

Learning to control your swing and to shallow the club face on the ball can correct one of the biggest flaws in any golfer’s iron play.

Start by understanding that you don’t need to put massive amounts of power into your swing in order to send the ball sailing into the green

Position The Ball Correctly

The position of your ball during iron play should have little differentiation with each shot you take.

During the downswing, throwing your body weight towards the target, your position in relation to the ball will ensure a clean downward connection upon impact.

Building a good foundation for your golf stance plays a crucial role in striking irons purely.

Your golf setup should allow for body weight to shift in a backward motion, with optimal follow...

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Golf Swing Drills For Hooking Control

drills golf swing hooking Jan 23, 2019

Golf Swing Drills For Hooking Control

Often regarded as an unintentional result of a mishit, hook shots in golf can be a vital technique when applied in the correct situation.

There are many crucial situations on the golf course that can be countered with a well placed intentional hook shot.

When intentionally hitting a hook or a hook shot, the ball will curve drastically from right-to-left while in flight, or left-to-right in flight for a left handed golfer.

Most golfers see a hook shot as a more pronounced draw shot, as the curve created in a hooking shot overshifts that of a traditional draw.

Golf Swings That Create Intentional Hook Shots

Being able to hit a hooking shot whenever needed works as an amazing asset to any golfer.

There are several situations that players encounter on the course that benefit hugely from the ability to hit a hook on command.

Most golfers find closing in their golf stance assists in producing a draw, when done more severely this adjustment results in...

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Achieve Proper Body Rotation In Your Golf Swing

golf swing rotation Jan 19, 2019

Achieve Proper Body Rotation In Your Golf Swing

Determining the width of a golfer’s shoulder rotation during their golf swing allows further adjustments to be made in the interest of improving their game.

Understanding how your body naturally rotates during your golf swing provides a clear picture of which modifications are needed in order to produce great shots on the golf course.

In most cases, golfers will either rotate their shoulders narrow or wide during their swing, which will be easy to identify by a coach, friend or by recording themselves during the swinging process.

Overexertion Of Our Shoulders During Our Golf Swing

Many golfers overlook the possibility that they may be over exerting their shoulder rotation during their golf swings.

Most productive golf swings require very little intentional shifting in our shoulders in order to produce the desired results.

Golfers simply are able to naturally turn their shoulders, be it narrow or wide, and achieve the shot they...

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Simple Golf Putting Tips Improve Aim and Execution

golf putting tips Jan 16, 2019

Simple Golf Putting Tips Improve Aim and Execution

Many golfers overthink their putting technique, which leads to missed shots and unnecessary strokes.

The core mechanics behind our putting game are quite simple, but understanding and executing these movements require patience that many golfers fail to provide their golf games.

As depicted in the video above, there are several putting tips and drills that can simplify your own performance and improve your overall golf handicap.

The Reality of Poor Putting Technique

Virtually every golfer in the history of the sport has encountered difficulty when aiming their putt shots at some point in their game.

Obvious to even the most novice golfer, improving the aim of our putts will lead to a more successful golfing experience, with drastically reduced frustrations.

There are several factors that contribute to successful putting, which can be easily applied to any golfer’s routine.

Great Putts Begin With Proper Aiming

Putts that take an...

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Drive The Ball DEEP with Easy Golf Swing Drills

Drive The Ball DEEP with Easy Golf Swing Drills

Regardless of playing level, all golfers are looking for golf swing drills that can drive the ball farther, deep down the course.

With the several elements at play during any golf swing, players have limitless options in regards to potential adjustments in their game.

Of these adjustments, we’ve found the following to be the most advantageous concerning hitting the ball farther in general.

Golf Swing Adjustments That Send The Ball Deeper

Whenever anyone tells a golfer they have the secret to hitting the ball deeper, folks notice a level of skepticism clouds the minds of many players, as several people have promised such results with an inability to deliver.

With the advent of easy access to streaming video, golf instructors and coaches are held to their word in a show and prove mentality that has permeated across the internet.

The drills and tips we provide through our online library of golf instruction has hundreds of hours...

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Golf For Beginners- Drills and Swing Tips For Rapid Improvement

golf for beginners Jan 09, 2019

Golf For Beginners- Drills and Swing Tips For Rapid Improvement

Golfing can be the most intimidating sport for beginners who have never played the game.

Apprehension regarding taking up golf keep many of the greats from ever swinging a club.

We’ve compiled the basic drills any player needs when beginning their journey into the world of golf.

Why Choose To Golf?

The greatest sport in the world, golf - transcends language, culture, and borders.

People from around the globe may disagree on a multitude of things, but nearly every country on the map has a deep love for the game of golf.

Where Golf For Beginners Should Start

When contemplating taking up golfing as your next challenge in life, beginners are encouraged to do so on a driving range rather than diving into the golf course first.

Driving ranges are a casual setting where real work can be done on a golfer’s swing without the added pressures of actual gameplay on a golf course preventing the progress.

Any PGA Pro...

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Why a Shallow Golf Swing can Improve your Game


Shallowing your Golf Club

First, It's Important to discuss how to properly Shallow the golf club. We've honestly come up with over 100 shallowing drills in our online golf academy course on shallowing.

We've successfully turned players that are steep as a jeep into Shallow Hal fans.

Most golfers are “steep in transition”. Know why?

Because they were taught to be... On purpose. Most golf instructors encourage manual manipulation to shallow the golf club, which doesn't create consistent swing results. The truth is, a proper shallow golf swing occurs naturally and consistently if you use your lower body properly

In other words, the club just naturally falls into place perfectly if your body is used correctly.

Golfers are taught to pull the handle of the club down towards the ground This is a big no-no for overall power and consistency.

So it can be expected that most prospective golfers have created very bad habits and beliefs right from the...

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Golf Swing Pivot Drills to Bolster your Hitting Ability

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2017

Our Pivot & Turn Method can Improve Your Golf Game

First, It's Important to discuss how to properly utilize the GG SwingTip"s Golf Pivot and Turn Method.

Here are a few ways we’ve learned to turn players that slide into players that rotate.

1. Most golfers “slide”.
Know why?

Because they were taught to... On purpose. It's a quick way to get students to make better contact. But it's just that. A quick fix bandage.

Starting from the first lesson golfers are taught to push into the ball with all our power, and to never question what we are being taught when it comes to hitting a golf ball properly.

So it can be expected that most prospective golfers, Probably You, have created very bad habits and beliefs right from the inception of the game.

That's why it's always important to ask the golfer what his/her struggles are before anything else.

2. Determine golf HISTORY.

Not only is this a great way to build a relationship...

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