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3 Golf Swing Tips You Need for Powerful Hip Control

Nov 07, 2018

3 Golf Swing Tips YOU NEED.

Most golfers misunderstand the importance of pelvic control during their golf swings.

The misconception that the pelvis plays no role, good or bad, during our swings has led many players to experience less than stellar performances at the tee.

The following swing tips focus on how controlling the pelvis during golf swings impacts our overall performance, as well as how pelvic control relates to hand speed.

Understanding Pelvic Control During Golf Swings

Starting with the club shaft parallel to the ground, commonly known as the P6 position, we begin to lean our pelvis slightly back before taking our first parallel.

Keeping our pelvis and chest parallel with each other, we then extend our knees up and out.

Most golfers will pull down too fast, as a lack of control finds their hands going six times faster than their bodies, resulting in a botched golf swing.

Remember: Hand Speed Will Always Beat Body Speed

Because hand speed always exceeds pelvic body...

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5 Golf Tips to Get Mega Speed

Nov 02, 2018

5 Golf Swing Tips to Get Mega Speed

Every golfer wants to add speed to their game.

Many players find that what they’re not doing often has more impact than what they’re trying to do in regards to increasing their swing speed.

I’ve compiled my top 5 swing tips for mega speed:

  • Speed comes from the ground-up
  • Square your clubface
  • Keep your shoulders parallel
  • The 'medicine ball method'
  • Reduce loft on your swing

These 5 swing tips can easily be put into practice next time you hit the driving range.

Speed Comes From The Ground Up, Literally.

If you’ve watch closely during an PGA tour event, you’ve surely noticed that many golfers rip the ground apart with their cleats.

This practice usually works to their own detriment in concerning their swing speed.

Matthew Wolf, a serial offender of this habit in the PGA, can be found moving his tee box mat all over the place because he digs too deep into the ground.

Harness Huge Speed Advantages By Using The Ground


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Why a Shallow Golf Swing can Improve your Game

Oct 15, 2017

Shallowing your Golf Club

First, It's Important to discuss how to properly Shallow the golf club. We've honestly come up with over 100 shallowing drills in our online golf academy course on shallowing.

We've successfully turned players that are steep as a jeep into Shallow Hal fans.

Most golfers are “steep in transition”. Know why?

Because they were taught to be... On purpose. Most golf instructors encourage manual manipulation to shallow the golf club, which doesn't create consistent swing results. The truth is, a proper shallow golf swing occurs naturally and consistently if you use your lower body properly

In other words, the club just naturally falls into place perfectly if your body is used correctly.

Golfers are taught to pull the handle of the club down towards the ground This is a big no-no for overall power and consistency.

So it can be expected that most prospective golfers have created very bad habits and beliefs right from the...

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Golf Swing Pivot Drills to Bolster your Hitting Ability

Oct 15, 2017

Our Pivot & Turn Method can Improve Your Golf Game

First, It's Important to discuss how to properly utilize the GG SwingTip"s Golf Pivot and Turn Method.

Here are a few ways we’ve learned to turn players that slide into players that rotate.

1. Most golfers “slide”.
Know why?

Because they were taught to... On purpose. It's a quick way to get students to make better contact. But it's just that. A quick fix bandage.

Starting from the first lesson golfers are taught to push into the ball with all our power, and to never question what we are being taught when it comes to hitting a golf ball properly.

So it can be expected that most prospective golfers, Probably You, have created very bad habits and beliefs right from the inception of the game.

That's why it's always important to ask the golfer what his/her struggles are before anything else.

2. Determine golf HISTORY.

Not only is this a great way to build a relationship...

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