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Easy Golf Tips for Improved Downswing

downswing golf tips Feb 06, 2019

Easy Golf Tips for Improved Downswing

Correcting an over the top downswing requires golfers to examine the overuse present in their upper body motion during their golf swing.

Identifying the moment in their golf swing that causes overuse in their upper body will eliminate the common mistake of coming over the top on their swings.

An over the top swing happens when our golf club veers away from the desired swing plane, with the head attacking the golf ball from outside in.

If the clubface takes impact squarely, our shot will be pulled, while an open clubface will cause the the shot to be sliced.

Before we can fix our faulty downswing, we must identify where and how we’re coming over the top.

Pinpointing The Malfunction In Your Downswing

Golfers may be committing a variety of miscalculations while working through their downswing, any of which may be the cause of a sliced or pulled shot

Many players retrace their golf swings in reverse in order to identify the actions that may be...

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