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George Gankas Simple Draw Shot Golf Lessons

draw shot Jan 22, 2020

George Gankas Simple Draw Shot Golf Lessons

Often novice golfers make an effort to hit the golf ball as straight as possible.

Most golfers can hit a straight shot at will, most Pros find draw golf shots to be an invaluable utility. Epic draws always make the sports network highlight reel and get tons of attention on the course.

A push draw garners some of the deepest distance attainable on the golf course. This added depth improves a player's ability to utilize the longest golf clubs in their bag.

One of the most sought after shots, drawing the club should be practiced by beginner looking to improve their skills.

How To Perform a Push Draw Shot

It can be difficult for golfers to identify a push draw simply by watching the shot performed by an experienced player.

To ensure a push draw has been executed, the ball must start to the right of the target. As the ball falls towards the target, try to avoid any movement to the left (or right for left handed...

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