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Posture Powered Golf Swing | Keys to Consistency

golf posture Mar 01, 2020

Posture Powered Golf Swing | Keys to Consistency

Losing posture during your golf swing refers to deviating even slightly from the form taken during setup and address.

Maintaining good posture throughout the duration of our swing has a crucial influence over the quality and consistency of our shots.

The loss of our intended swing posture will throw off several aspects of our game. This most often includes our tempo, balance and the pacing of our swing.

Most times when players swing while in a flawed posture. The resulting shot will be missed, typically hooking to the trail side of the player.

Any serious player will need to correct their posture before reaching their full potential in the sport. Losing posture during our golf swing will drive frustrations during play.

George Gankas golf lessons teach the importance of maintaining precise posture during golf swings. This mirrors the teaching that exists in the foundation of the popular GG Swing Method.

Comprised of Geoge Gankas golf...

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Every Chipping Golf Lesson You Need To Succeed

chipping golf Feb 23, 2019

Every Chipping Golf Lesson You Need To Succeed

One of golf’s most tactical shots, chipping a golf ball happens when a golfer lifts the ball into the air, followed by a long roll once landing on the ground.

Chip shots are best applied in situations when our ball has become trapped in the grass or while maneuvering our ball down through a sloped portion of the golf course.

Chipping the ball can be done with any golf club between a sand wedge and five-iron, typically taken from on or around the green.

In the interest of getting our ball rolling onto the green, most chip shots are a method for golfers to get their ball rolling towards the hole as they would when putting.

The experience level of a golfer aside, all players benefit from developing their chipping skills, making it vital to any player that we learn how to chip a golf ball correctly.

Positioning Ourselves To Chip The Golf Ball

When positioning ourselves for chipping the ball onto the greens, we must first decide and...

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