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Mental Golf Game Strategy | Consistency Starts In Our Mind

golf mental game Sep 07, 2019

Mental Golf Game Strategy | Consistency Starts In Our Mind

At risk of sounding like a new age guru, the thoughts and visualizations that golfers experience on the course or at the driving range directly influence their results, or lack thereof.

This includes pessimistic thoughts about screwing up your shot, muttering self deprecating remarks to yourself as you play, and visualizing worst case scenarios on the golf course before you ever swing the club.

Players should be realistic with themselves but the time for self critique should not come when you should be focusing on the task at hand - enjoying a round of golf.

Understandably, golf can be a frustrating sport to learn, causing many novices to experience levels of self doubt and critique while training or playing their first round.

However, constant thoughts of negativity and pessimism will cause your own progress to stagnate, generate anxious frustrations on the course and may cause otherwise gifted players to walk away from the...

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