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Simple Golf Putting Tips Improve Aim and Execution

golf putting tips Jan 16, 2019

Simple Golf Putting Tips Improve Aim and Execution

Many golfers overthink their putting technique, which leads to missed shots and unnecessary strokes.

The core mechanics behind our putting game are quite simple, but understanding and executing these movements require patience that many golfers fail to provide their golf games.

As depicted in the video above, there are several putting tips and drills that can simplify your own performance and improve your overall golf handicap.

The Reality of Poor Putting Technique

Virtually every golfer in the history of the sport has encountered difficulty when aiming their putt shots at some point in their game.

Obvious to even the most novice golfer, improving the aim of our putts will lead to a more successful golfing experience, with drastically reduced frustrations.

There are several factors that contribute to successful putting, which can be easily applied to any golfer’s routine.

Great Putts Begin With Proper Aiming

Putts that take an...

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