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Dynamic Chest Rotation For Natural Golf Swings

golf swing Jun 04, 2020

Dynamic Chest Rotation For Natural Golf Swings

One of the most shocking days for any golfer happens when they finally figure out that controlling their golf swing has little to do with the way they move their arms.

While our hands, wrists, biceps and shoulders each contribute in some capacity to our swing, the ultimate control exists in our chest rotation.

As with the entire library of George Gankas golf lessons, learning to rotate our chest properly follows the same principles found in the GG Swing Method.

The GG Swing Method promotes the distinct strengths in each golfer, while using the unparalleled insights and drills that George Gankas has made a name for himself within the sport.

Many of Gankas’ students began as juniors and have become top prospects on the tour circuit.

In order to achieve the best possible results in your shots, you must utilize larger muscle groups in order to accomplish your goal.

Rather than relying on smaller muscle groups in our arms, proper chest...

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Rapid Swing Speed Built By Body Rotation

golf swing speed May 25, 2019

Rapid Swing Speed Built By Body Rotation

Most golfers understand that swing speed cannot be achieved by trying to break their golf club (and back) in half with an overly aggressive attack on the golf ball.

Rather, through the proper optimization of our body rotation during our golf swing, we can gradually find huge gains in our speed, leading to amazing shots with control and added distance as direct benefits from our practice.

George Gankas golf lessons provide players with the essential training, known as the GG Swing Method, to optimize their bodies for any condition they encounter on the golf course.

Players that have studied George Gankas golf instruction videos have sung his praises in every corner of the internet, becoming strong advocates for the GG Swing Method overall.

Many of these golfers arrive at Gankas’ training materials out of desire to increase the speed of their golf swing, with several players faltering while trying to swing the club hard rather than fast.

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Golf Swing Drills For Hooking Control

drills golf swing hooking Jan 23, 2019

Golf Swing Drills For Hooking Control

Often regarded as an unintentional result of a mishit, hook shots in golf can be a vital technique when applied in the correct situation.

There are many crucial situations on the golf course that can be countered with a well placed intentional hook shot.

When intentionally hitting a hook or a hook shot, the ball will curve drastically from right-to-left while in flight, or left-to-right in flight for a left handed golfer.

Most golfers see a hook shot as a more pronounced draw shot, as the curve created in a hooking shot overshifts that of a traditional draw.

Golf Swings That Create Intentional Hook Shots

Being able to hit a hooking shot whenever needed works as an amazing asset to any golfer.

There are several situations that players encounter on the course that benefit hugely from the ability to hit a hook on command.

Most golfers find closing in their golf stance assists in producing a draw, when done more severely this adjustment results in...

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Achieve Proper Body Rotation In Your Golf Swing

golf swing rotation Jan 19, 2019

Achieve Proper Body Rotation In Your Golf Swing

Determining the width of a golfer’s shoulder rotation during their golf swing allows further adjustments to be made in the interest of improving their game.

Understanding how your body naturally rotates during your golf swing provides a clear picture of which modifications are needed in order to produce great shots on the golf course.

In most cases, golfers will either rotate their shoulders narrow or wide during their swing, which will be easy to identify by a coach, friend or by recording themselves during the swinging process.

Overexertion Of Our Shoulders During Our Golf Swing

Many golfers overlook the possibility that they may be over exerting their shoulder rotation during their golf swings.

Most productive golf swings require very little intentional shifting in our shoulders in order to produce the desired results.

Golfers simply are able to naturally turn their shoulders, be it narrow or wide, and achieve the shot they...

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