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Strengthen Your Swing | Golf Workouts

golf workouts Nov 30, 2019

Strengthen Your Swing | Golf Workouts

With the amount of importance that many novice golfers place on their upper body and core muscle group movements, the intense untapped power found in our lower body muscles can often be overlooked.

Acting as the driving force behind every deep distance drive and powerful shot you see the pros knock out each weekend, strengthening our lower body muscles through targeted golf workouts can be a huge game changer for players that are looking to add power to their swings.

Increasing the strength in your leg muscles through targeted workouts will ultimately lead to improved composition in your swing, while amping up the speed in your clubhead.

Working out the muscle groups in your lower body, especially the legs, will promote increased stability in your golf swing, while drastically improving your agility and making flawed motion much less likely.

Through focused training, as exhibited in this George Gankas golf lesson, players will begin to...

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