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5 Legendary Golf Shots You Wish You Could Replicate

golf shots pros Oct 01, 2019

5 Legendary Golf Shots You Wish You Could Replicate 

By Riley Brooke


Quite often, the pros make golf look so easy. They routinely make great shots, some of which you can only dream of making. So, in honor of golf's best players, we've compiled 5 shots from the pros that you wish you could replicate.


Tiger Woods’s masterful chip shot at the Masters (2005)


Woods has hit his fair share of magnificent shots in his illustrious career. But none more iconic — and important — than his chip shot on the 16th at the 2005 Masters. He was just one clear of playing partner Chris DiMarco, and needed every bit of cushion. He got exactly that by chipping in this beauty of a birdie. How did he do it?


His former caddie, Steve Williams, offered some insight into that shot. He explained how Tiger recalled a similar shot made by Davis Love III a year prior. So, he aimed for an old ball mark “the size of a dime,” as hitting it would allow the...

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