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Easy Hacks That Boost Your Short Game Golf

short game golf Mar 13, 2019

Easy Hacks That Boost Your Short Game Golf

Many golfers of varied skill sets never practice their short game golf, and it shows on the course.

While religiously working away on hitting full blown golf shots on the driving range, few players take the time to practice the most crucial elements of golfing.

Rather than practicing their chip shots or putts, most amateur golfers can be found teeing up their drives.

If you’re not hitting greens with these shots and are reliant on short game golf strategy, the only way to get better comes from practicing.

Statistically, around 65% of all golf shots taken will land 100 yards in, an area considered to be short game.

Since such a high number of balls land in this region, every golfer should take a serious look at how well they’re performing there.

Not Every Golfer Hits 300 Yard Drives

Most golfers outside of the PGA Tour’s top strikers will rarely crack a 300 yard drive on the golf course.

Because of this clear reality for...

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Top Short Game Golf Tips For Instant Improvement

short game golf Feb 13, 2019

Top Short Game Golf Tips For Instant Improvement

Short game golf strategy should be a focal point for every golfer, new or experienced.

Often overshadowed by the more glamorous allure of deep drives, developing our short game will ensure our success when we’re unable to rip the ball like a PGA Tour Pro.

Important to remember, our short game acts as our means to scoring on the golf course and has a vast impact on our overall golf handicap.

As one could imagine, the countless elements involved in our short game are too numerous to be covered in one simple blog article, but we can identify the best short game golf tips that provide instant improvements on the golf course.

Sharpen Your Putting Skills Quickly

Most great putting games have optimal control over their speed and are able to judge their positioning on the green effectively enough to choose the right shot.

Nearly half of all shots taken on the golf course are taken while putting.

Many of these shots are taken near the...

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