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A golf instructor that understands the complexity of the golf swing, yet teaches it with simplicity.

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George Gankas is one of World’s Leading Golf Instructors and one of the most-watched, quoted and followed golf coaches on social media in the world today. George has taught over 10,000 in-person lessons, has created swing devices / training aids, and has created a countless number of golf teaching drills to elevate golf instruction to the next level. Over 5 million impressions across all social platforms, over 1 million minute video views every week online and 1,000's of students have in enrolled in the GG SwingTips Online Academy. His online golf training and instruction is second to none as George explains the Pivot & Turn golf method and how each student can implement it into their golf game. George was also honored with the “Top 25 Elite Junior Golf Teachers of 2016" award.

After suffering from multiple bad golf instruction experiences, Coach Gankas set out to find a better solution. He asked himself questions such as, “How do great golfers actually get great? Could I learn the game well enough to help myself and others? Could my instruction make a difference?” His original intention to become better at the game, led to his own personal breakthroughs as well as his life’s purpose of helping others teach, play, and learn.

By age 46, he has became one of the Top Golf Instructors in the World, an in-demand coach and an early pioneer in the online golf instruction industry. Since then, he has dedicated his career to helping others find their game and fix their swing.

George Gankas' golf instruction is showcased all through out social media channels, especially on GG SwingTips Golf Youtube Channel.

This channel takes an in-depth look at a brand new type of golf teaching. 


See What Makes Coach Gankas Stand Out

George's method focuses on creating speed and distance from ground force. The Pivot & Turn Method has been not only been popularized online but has been adopted by some great players on Tour.

The GG SwingTips Instructional approach permits our members to post a video of their swing for an online analysis or review an extensive library vault of instructional videos. This offers two great ways to simulate one on one coaching from a Distance.

Access to never-before-seen videos including drills, exercises and simple yet effective fixes for slices and hooks, as well as common swing faults to avoid and fixes to address in your swing.  Enjoy the continually growing community of GG SwingTip Members.

Coach Gankas provides VALUABLE INSIGHT that is Unique to the Golfing Community.

George believes in golf instruction and teaching based upon in-depth research and analysis, based on what great ball-strikers have done, in the past and today. Keep up to date with the latest research and findings. This is the place for easy to understand golf instruction. Up your game with the GG SwingTips Team.

GG has a unique ability to translate complex information about the golf swing and the workings of the human body into simple, bite sized pieces of wisdom, that can easily be digest and can be implemented immediately. It's a rare thing to leave a golf lesson with a laser like focus on exactly what you need to do to improve your golf game.

The GG SwingTips Golf Team is dedicated to ‘Understanding the Complexity of the swing, yet Teaching it with Simplicity’. The GG Team brings insightful, proven approaches to greatly improve your swing power and club speed.




Let George teach you. His golf instruction experience has been cultivated by the best. He started teaching golf over 20 years ago when video was rarely used to capture golf swings, until 1985, when the first consumer camcorder became available.

Though shutter speeds were not quite fast enough to get a great stop action, Now videos from the greats are easily captured and studied.

See, before the camcorder great teachers could not be that technical and precise in their instruction.

A few legendary golf coaches were certainly great marketers, but there was still a lacking of getting that solid instruction to the masses. It seemed that only best golfers in the world were privy to great instruction.While the masses were left with pictures and articles from famous golf publications. The system of golf instruction was definitely flawed. The entire industry became a contradiction.

George has a love of the game unlike any other golf coach. This Online Academy is built specifically to bring that information to you at your convenience. 

Swing Aid

Are YOU a BAD Ball Striker? Not anymore. The GG SwingAid Helps You Emulate the Feeling that all Great Ball Strikers Experience.


Having Natural Width and Geometry of the Body, Coupled with the Proper Pivot Keeps the hand path working in a circle.



Learn This Simple Little Thumb Drill for Eliminating Steepness. Have a Friend or Yourself Try it if You Get to Dumped Under in Transition.


Learn How to Control Trajectory, Handle Position, Ball Flight, VSP, Changing Low Point, Angle of Attack, and Much More. 

Q & A

Q & A for All Members Inside GG SwingTips Online Golf Academy. If You've Got Golf Questions, We've Got Golf Answers. 


Understanding a little Golf Geometry can Go a Long Way. It's a Simple Concept That We've All Forgotten. Time to Re-Learn It.


Does Your Golf Swing Suffer From Pinning? Learn About What Pinning Is and Why it is Something That You Do Not Want in Your Golf Game. 


External or Internal With the Trial Arm? It's the Question That Everyone is Asking. Find Out What it Means, and How it Can Improve Your Game.


The GG Support Team is a huge reason for the success of Members. This team is responsible for running all the backend support to help all of member golfers have a better understanding to their game and to ultimately be able to assist with helping their golfing buddies as well. A team of highly qualified coaches and teachers; moderate the private member's forum for swing feedback, provide golf guidance along each member's journey, timely answered questions to golf's frustrating problems, email support for all site inquires, log in set up, and instructional navigation.


New projects continue to be on the horizon for George Gankas and who knows how far and how much influence he will be able to create. But with the help of the GG SwingTips Online Golf Academy and the terrific instruction dispensed through that platform, who really knows how many golfers and golf instructors will be able to improve their craft. 


George was not exactly green when he first started teaching golf. He was a strong colligate player in his youth with a degree in sports psychology. After hanging up the proverbial golf clubs, he ventured into caddying at Thousand Oaks Golf Club. He then relocated to Westlake Golf Course to pursue a teaching career. 

George is a stand out golf coach and has been recognized globally for the unique pivot and turn method that repopularized using ground force pressure to great an immense about of speed and distance with the legs. 


The successful marketing campaigns of "Famous Pivot & Turn, and Secrets to Shallowing the club" helped catapult Coach Gankas career and notoriety on social media channels. 

Introducing George to social media was a marketing strategy created with the GG SwingTips Golf franchise.  Consistently showcasing in-person "behind the scene / one on one" lessons that showcase the ultimate benefit of golf instruction with George. 


After all, golf instruction improvement relies heavily on accountability. Our unique golf community helps facilitate that by offering personalized swing feedback every step of the way. 

Let the GG Swingtips community be your training ground for improvement. 


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