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The Missile Method


These 3 Tweaks will Turn Your Golf Balls into Missiles.


This 3 part series is called the MISSILE METHOD  🚀 for a reason.

The Missile Method is specifically designed to LAUNCH your drives into the stratosphere. A course focused on proper rotation for more power, angle of attack to highlight the X-Factor Slot for HUGE drives and a Speed Course tailored to Increasing your swing speed.


These Courses Combined Together Launch The Missile Method

Pivot & Turn

Proper Rotation for More Power.

#1 Best Selling Course

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Speed & Distance

Increased Head Speed

#2 Best Selling Course

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Angle of Attack

#3 Best Selling Course

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Bonus Offer: Ball Striking

#4 Best Selling Course.

This will be included at no extra charge. Ball Striking Method will allow you to find the golf balls sweet spot to launch the ball farther than ever before. Now with this Bonus Offer you will have 4 Tweaks to turn your golf balls into Mega Missiles.

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Missile Method Complete

Combine all four of these methods and you are ready to launch your drives to the next level with Mega Missiles. This 4 part Series will teach the BEASTONMICS on crushing the ball every time.

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