The Famous "Pivot & Turn" Method is Gold. And It's Free.

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The industry is overflowing with instructional golf videos.

It's hard to know what method will resonate best with your game. Well, how about a swing philosophy that has taken dozens of juniors and tour players to the highest level.

The Pivot & Turn Method™ is responsible for our students' unmatched golf power. Here's how you can take advantage of learning it yourself.

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Pivot Power

The Pivot is Key to Initiating Proper Rotary Motion at the ground level. This motion is a very unique foot action, but once learned and applied, it can become your greatest Swing Power Source.

Rotate then Turn

Linear Motion is a Huge Power Leak in the Golf Swing. Rotation is key to creating club speed which leads to more Distance. More speed equals more distance, more distance equals more yards, and happier golfers.

Pivot & Turn

The Pivot & Turn eliminates linear motion and uses vertical ground force reaction to increase Speed & Power. This method is a little unorthodox but when properly applied, no method yields better results. 


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