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Creating Great Tempo in the Golf Swing

In these 5 Videos we will Explain why Tempo Seems to be a Lost Skill. It is Rarely Discussed or Even Talked About. In this Section, we Discuss This Much Over looked Area of Instruction.


  • 1. Creating Tempo -  Creating tempo can happen a multitude of ways. Here are a few that we use to produce that feeling.
  • 2. Tempo Must be Consistent - Understand your natural tendencies and incorporate a tempo that is in sync with that speed. If you are a fast person, expect to have a faster tempo when you swing.
  • 3. Tempo VS Foot Pressure - There is a difference between foot pressure and tempo. Every player gravitates to a particular foot pressure at address. A read a book called Tour Tempo that determined there's often times a 3:1 ratio for tempo regardless of if you are fast swinger vs. slow swinger.
  • 4. Freezers For Tempo - One of Tigers least liked drills but he said that it probably helped him the most. The freezers allow you to control the motion and tempo of your body easier.
  • 5. Controlling Your Swing Speed - Coaches used to have my take full swings at 50 % speed. We want you guys to use tempo to practice and control your swing speed for better distance control.