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Cure the Hook in Your Golf Swing

This 12 Video Course Lesson explains Over Hooking. A swing default that Plagues Consistency for Pros and Amateurs alike. Find Out How to Cure the Hooks.





  • 1. Understanding a Hook - This lesson covers the basics of what exactly causes a hook and how it effects your ball flight.
  • 2. Foot Positioning - Foot Positioning is a grossly overlooked issue in Hooking a golf ball. Make sure you aim with your heel line rather than toe line.
  •  3. Under the Line VS Over the Line - This lesson is for players that have a tendency to stay under the line and never get over it. There is a rehearsal drill in this lesson that will not only help you get over the Line, but will give you a better idea of the the proper motion need to correct this issue.
  •  4. Collapsing Trail Leg - A collapsing trail leg leads to a myriad of swing faults right at the most pivotal moment possible. (transitional impact). Learn how to escape this common swing deficiency.
  •  5. Dump Under Drill - This lesson contains one of our favorite drills for getting our students to alleviate the dump under position during the downswing.
  •  6. Follow Through Hook Drill - Good drill for feeling proper follow through for all my students that hook the ball by being under the plane.
  •  7. Golf Bag Drill - Another drill that we use with our Juniors that uses a great visual obstruction to make an efficient anti-hook motion over the ball.
  •  8. Steep Drill - This drill engrains proper steepness to get away from getting stuck inside. For hookers this is a must.
  •  9. Swing Up Drill - Swing straight up to engrain a proper movement pattern to alleviate an hook tendencies.
  •  10. Impact Drill - This is an impact drill that presets your address position to be more open to the target before you swing. This drill helps distinguish the difference between feel and real.
  •  11. 5 Dice Drill - This drill is for a more advanced player that has worked on mastering their own swing direction. The drill forces a straight swinging direction.
  •  12. Stab Drill - The Stab Drill is a drill to put more emphasis on over the top action rather than under the top action. Stabbing is correlated to the feeling you will feel when executing this drill properly.