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Golf Putting Perfected

This 11 Video Series explains Why Putting is the Most Used Skill in the Game of Golf. It's a Must that we Understand Certain Key Factors to Becoming a Great Putter.


  • 1. Aim Alignment - In this putting section we demonstrate aim alignment and how logos should be used to practice to test proper aim point.
  •  2. Spot Putting - This video provides informative insights about the pro and cons of Spot Putting.
  •  3. Alignment Drill - This is a great Alignment Drill that we use with our students to determine proper aim and type of stroke.
  •  4. Gate Putting Drill - We use a tee to create a gate for correct putter motion and proper aim towards the hole for short putts.
  • 5. LAG Putting - Using timing cadence to control length of stroke. We recommend between 69 and 73 for most players depending on the green speeds. 69 would be for faster greens, and 73 for slower. This will help get your tempo improved.
  • 6. Eye / Ball Position - In this Eye positioning at address video we cover the putting "set-up" needed to get the eyes over top of the ball.
  • 7. Speed Control - Explaining the importance of speed control (putting short or past the hole).
  • 8. Speed / Box Drill - This Speed Drill is used with our players and share about how to increase speed control on the green.
  • 9. Reading Greens - In this video we discuss a few different ways to Read a Green.
  • 10. Slope Tendency - We go over the common rules of thumb associated with Slope Tendencies on the putting green.
  • 11. Breaking Putts - We show you guys how he reads Breaking Putts and why consistent pace is important on the green.