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Secrets To Shallowing

In this 24 Video Course We will Go Over, How to Use Your Body and Not the Arms to Shallow the Club.


  • 1. Importance of Shallowing - We address a term called "backline." We want you guys to understand this term as it relates to understanding an important angle of the spine when swinging the club. Watch this video and learn another one of my terms.
  • 2. Anti Over the Top - This is probably my most effective drill for eliminating the "over the top" move. We guarantee you will see real results with this one. Let me hear your feedback on this lesson.
  • 3. Combo Move - This drill covers a combo match up that might be the shallowing drill for you if you are a early releaser of the club into the golf ball.
  • 4. Rotate + Width = Shallow - Understand that shallowing is a causality of a large big turn in which width is maintained, and rotation is incorporated.
  • 5. Wall Shallowing Drill - The most frequent question on this drill is, "How far should I be from the wall when practicing this drill?" We address that common question here.
  • 6. Shoulder Wall Drill - Great drill for working on trail shoulder rotation for shallowing the club. Hand path is also discussed briefly.
  • 7. Early Extension (WALL) - This is a drill for my over exaggerated golfer that like jumping like frogs. Everyone has a wall so there's no excuse to not practicing this.
  • 8. External VS Internal Rotation - This drill utilizes a ball to keep the arms rotating properly. Try this, a lot of our players get this concept on the first try.
  • 9. Match The Forearm - This is a drill that allows you to go from vertical to shallow. The alignment stick in the butt end of the club gives a great visual cue for shaft awareness.
  • 10. Pull Down - We love having our students leaving their arms up in the swing rather than the typical pull down motion that amateurs have come to master.
  • 11. Towel Drill - Keep the arms behind you, and allow the towel or basket to stay up in the air as long as you can.
  • 12. The Circle Drill - The hand path swaps place with the elbow during the end of the backswing and beginning of the transition.
  • 13. Serve The Dinner Plate - This was a drill some of our students that are great at shallowing used to use to get club into the slot properly. See if this lesson resonates with you.
  • 14. Point Elbow At The Ball - My buddy Chris Como has some shallowing ideas that I wanted to share with you guys.
  • 15. Ride The Rail - Riding the Rail is a cool shallowing drill if you have a friend near by to help assist you with mimicing a rail.
  • 16. Under The Line - I am showcasing a drill for my students that suck their arms deep behind them. This drill emulates the feeling you must feel in order to be shallow.
  • 17. Freeze To Shallow - Start a basic swing with a pause at the top (freezer). After the freeze move, start the downswing with your legs and leave your hands up while your body starts to move downward.
  • 18. 50% Speed - 50% speed while incorporating width after a freeze position at the top.
  • 19. The Trevino Loop - I had the pleasure of hanging with Lee Trevino one time and got to watch him it balls. It was one of the first times I started to see a Tour shallow swing.
  • 20. Throw a Bottle - In this video lesson we show a like toss move that works great for emulating the shallow feel of the arms moving slower as you rotate.
  • 21. Shaft Awareness - Another feeling of shallowing for you guys. This is an exaggerated version of what would really happen, but a few swings in this motion will help you engrain that feeling.
  • 22. Drop The Bucket - A drill Johnny Ruiz cleverly came up with. It's a cool concept because it actually works and you only need an empty bucket to practice this shallowing drill.
  • 23. Tour Shallowing - We discuss how a few great players shallow the club naturally using their biomechanics advantages.
  • 24. Why I Teach Shallowing - We like leaving the hands up when it comes to shallowing. I just spent a ton of time on this because I struggled with shallowing the club because I was taught to golf with a linear slide and not rotate. I'll let you know which shallowing drills I would like you to practice. Watch to see which ones......