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The Famous "Pivot & Turn"

In This 13 Video Course we will Focus on Rotational Movement being the Number One Way to Improve Ball Contact, Consistency, and Power.


Non Refundable after the First Initial 30 days.

1. Lower Body Rotation - The pivot and turn is a really helpful movement in the golf swing if and only if, executed properly. We explain in detail on how to effectively pivot and turn for Rotation.

2. Foot Pressure For Rotation - Foot Pressure and knowing how to distribute that pressure during the pivot and turn is paramount. We explain exactly where pressure in your feet needs to be placed and how to use it to your advantage.

 3. Knee Rotation - The knees move in a very unique direction. Much different than most instructors teach. In this lesson I'll explain the exact knee movements required to allow for rotation.

 4. Hip Rotation - The Hips play a critical role in proper rotation. It is imperative to understand what the role is and why hip rotation is needed.

 5. Shoulder Positioning for Rotation - Rotation is often thought only as a lower body move but rotation with the upper body is just as important for proper match ups. This lesson discusses proper rotation with the shoulders.

 6. Lateral Bend for Rotation - Spine Laws state that any bend in the spine creates a rotation to the opposite site. Basically, a right lateral bend results in rotation to the left.

 7. DON'T SLIDE, ROTATE! - Most golfers we see slide in a linear direction rather than rotational. This lesson is to grab a better understanding of what exactly is occurring from a rotational direction.

 8. Variety of Push Off - As we all know, there are tons of ways to get the job done. In this lesson we go over a few match ups that make the greats great.

 9. How to Push Off Properly - Our students often push with their legs at the wrong time. This is an issue because of the power loss. We'll explain proper push off and what needs to happen in order to be powerful.

10. Different Rotation creates different Ball Flights - Different Rotation movements over the ball will create different Ball Flight patterns. Check out this lesson and start experimenting.

 11. Pivot and Turn Rehearsal - A slow motion rehearsal of the pivot and turn move is a great way to incorporate this powerful move into your golf game. Here's how.

 12. Slow Hands, Fast Swing? - Slowing the arms down makes you lose swing speed, right? Not necessarily. Check this lesson out to have a better understanding on how slowing your hands down can actually increase swing speed.

 13. Grip the Ground for Power - Most students believe faster rotation means faster swing speed. Not necessarily. We'll explain why and show you how the bucket drill is properly used.