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The Power of the Mental Game in Golf

We have all Heard the Quote, "Golf is 95% Mental," yet We Never Work on It. 10 Videos Show You a In-Depth Look at How we Mentally Prepare our Students for Tournament Caliber Golf.


  • 1. Pre-Tournament Strategy - We will thoroughly go through an entire pre-tournament strategy. (wedges, irons, drivers, putting, mental, ball patterns, and time management.)
  • 2. Breathing - In this lesson we will highlight the benefits of proper Breathing patterns to get into a relaxed state of mind.
  • 3. Confidence Building - This lesson we explain what Confidence does for our players. Lying vs. Future Truth. 
  • 4. Practice Schedule - We express the importance of a Practice Schedule for our players.
  • 5. Practice Contact - We express the importance of a Practice Schedule for our players.
  • 6. The Importance of Competition - Our students have to play in tournaments to discover how they can really great better. Statics tracking is more important than most people realize.
  • 7. Internal and External Focus - Internal and External Focus is Huge part of our student's regime. We work on both aspects of this mental part of the Game. Internal is just internal thought. External is focusing on external sounds and visualizations.
  • 8. Performance Pre-Shot Routine - Here we will talk about what we teach our students with the Pre-Shot Routine. Examples of Internal and External focus are discussed.
  • 9. Mental Part of Pre Shot Routine - The mental part must be practiced in order to be prepared for the course. The mental side is the most important and preceeds the strategy aspect of the game.
  • 10. How I Build The Top Juniors - Our relationship with our students is immensely important. Here we share some insight on How we go about building and maintaining that relationship with our students.