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The GGSWINGTIPS Online Academy is a Golf Instructional Learning Site.  



You Start off with 10 Modules / Courses and the Next 10 Modules / Courses will be Released (Dripped). INSTANTLY You will have Access to Over 200 Instructional Drills, Tips, and Lessons.

Also, included in the Online Academy is access to Our Private Facebook Group where you can post your swing to show your progress and ask any question you have about golf. We respond to all questions and provide feedback to every swing that is posted.

I. Teaching Method - An in-depth look at what, why and how I teach my players. See if my teaching philosophy is right for you.

II. Start With the Basics - Start with the basics. Golf can be over complicated really quickly. There's a lot of information in this Online Academy so it's Important to move at your own pace. Think of each video as One Lesson.

A. Set-Up and Grip - Set Up Position and Grip are Two Key Essential Elements that are Imperative to Start you off in the Right Correction.

III. Full Swing - This section details the Full Swing from Backswing to Follow through. Follow along to see what are areas in the swing you might struggle with and find some drill to fix it.

A. Take Away / Backswing - After getting a good understanding of the basics, pay attention to Set-Up and Take Away (Backswing).

B. Transition / Downswing - This is where we see the most deficiencies among Amateurs. Transition mechanics must not deviate too much or one can easily find themselves in an unrepeatable position that jeopardizes consistency.

C. Impact - Arguably the most important position in the game of golf. A solid impact position can make or break a golfer's ball striking ability. Pay attention to this lesson, if you struggle with ball striking.

D. Follow Through / The Finish - The Finish of the Golf Swing can Aesthetically have many looks, but there are Certain Factors that are Important to note and Pay Attention to when Attempting to find your Follow Through Unique to You.

IV. Short Game - This course takes you through every Short Game Scenario we could think of. If we missed one let us know.

V. Putting - Most Strokes in Golf happen on the green hence that's where most are lost as well. We'll take you through Touch, Feel, Speed, Aim, and Stroke to give you a Better Understanding of the Art of Putting.

VI. Over The Shoulder Lessons - This Section will give you an Overall Scope of How we implement what we Teach into our Lessons. Most Instructors just give Drills and Tips without Implementation. New courses will be added weekly.

VII. Mental Game - We have all Heard the Quote, "Golf is 95% Mental," yet We Never Work on It. This Mental Section is an In-Depth Look at How Mentally Prepare My Students for Tournament Caliber Golf.

VIII. Golf Fitness - This section is provided by Robert DeLeon, head of Westlake Sports Performance & Fitness. Robert trains all our Golfers. It's not just about beating ball, Golf Fitness is a huge Proponent of the Game.

A. Training Philosophy - A sit down interview with Robert DeLeon as he speaks about his philosophy on Fitness Training for Golf and How he helps the GG SwingTips students hit the ball so far.

B. Warm-Up - Warming up is an Absolute Must for any movement let alone golf. Golf is a Powerful, Fast, Athletic Move and must be Prepped before Swinging Starts.

C. Mobility - Mobility is the functionality of the Body to Move Effectively. The Body's Mobility will allow or prevent YOU from Achieving Certain Critical Golf Positions.

D. Power - Power is Equal to Strength added with Speed. All are Components needed for a Valuable Golf Swing that can withstand the Test of Time.

E. Lower Body Training - Full body training can be difficult to grasp much like Full motion in the Golf Swing. Training the Body in different Segments is exactly how we Instruct our Golfers. "Pivot & Turn" is a Perfect Example.

F. Upper Body Training - Breaking up the Training Segments helps ease the Learning Curve and Ingrains Proper Patterns Sentimentally.

G. Golf Endurance - Golf Endurance is a Crucial Factor in Performance. The Ability to not Fatigue Mentally or Physically has a Direct Correlation to one's overall Score.

H. Recovery - Post-Round Recovery will decrease the Severity of Short Term Muscle and Joint Soreness, and Reduce the chance of Injury in the Long Run. (Stretching, Nutrition and Hydration, Sleep, and Massage.)

IX. Bonus - Extras - This section is comprised of a few bonus categories just to say thank you for being a part of the GG Golf Community.

A. Games That Help Your Short Game - Golf is Hard for Everyone. No one is an exception to that. It's Important to keep it Fun. That's what I do with My Juniors and it makes such a difference in their Performance and Attitude.

B. Questions and Answers - This section is to ask any question you want about golf. Simple or Complex, it doesn't matter. Just please be patient. We know we won't get to answer all of your questions, but we'll do our best.

C. Equipment - This section Highlights just a few of the Most Helpful Gadgets we use to Teach My Students.