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The Perfect Posture

In these 10 Videos We are Going to Explain Loss of Posture AKA (Early Extension or Goat Humping) is a the Number 1 flaw found in Golfers of all Levels. We will cover ways to Eliminate this Stroke Killer. 


  • 1. Why Golf Posture Is So Important - Good Golf posture is a must for consistent ball striking. Use the section to your advantage in maintaining your postural angles through out the swing.
  • 2. "C" Posture VS "S" Posture - "C" posture vs. "S" posture are two postures that need to be understood regardless of which one you have. Get rid of that "s" posture guys. We're not trying to model. Start chillin with the "c" posture and learn to Smash it 👊🏼👊🏼
  • 3. Right Lateral Bend at Set Up - Right lateral bend is important at address and in transition. The spine with counter rotate away from the direction it is bent.
  • 4. Get Taller in Backswing Rather Than Impact - Getting taller or raising is a great way to generate speed through out your swing. Too many golfers get taller at the wrong time. 
  • 5. Thoracic Movement in the Backswing - We discuss how the thoracic spine (the curve in the mid back) can help you create an incredible amount of speed and rotation.
  • 6. Set Up is a Game of Opposites - Like many things in golf, setup is a game of opposites. We go into further explanation regarding posture/setup and how these relate to humping towards the ball.
  • 7. The Chair Drill - The chair can help you feel partial awareness in the pelvis, to make sure you do not lose your angles through out the swing. 
  • 8. The Bench Drill - Another great drill here for the hump. This one works the opposite side by creating space which guarantees you stay deep.
  • 9. Trash Can Drill - The trash can or any other fixed object will help you feel your hips stay deep while you rotate. Great for instant feedback, and will help you learn the different kick up moves while maintaining this depth. Let me know if you guys have any questions?
  • 10. Match Ups - It is all about match ups. You can't have one part of the puzzle but not the other and expect it to work. Make sure you if your trail elbow gets super external and deep that you have face/wrist conditions that match up or it will be block city.