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Golf Fitness

This 24 Part Video showcases the importance of Golf Fitness and how it is a Grossly Over looked Part of the Overall Longevity of your Golf Career.

Whether you are Professional or Weekend Warrior, Golf Fitness can have a Huge Impact on How you Play and Feel.  


  • 1. Training Philosophy - This section explains Robert DeLeon's golf training philosophy and how it shaped from his own observations, experiences, and studies. 
  •  2. Warm Up - Warm Up is an absolute must. Golf is a powerful, fast, athletic move and must be prepped before swinging starts.
  •  3. Mobility - To swing correctly & prevent injury or strain, golfers must work on Mobility. The force on the lower and middle spine during a golf swing can place extreme demands on the body so mobility is critical.
  •  4. Power - Power is equal to strength added with speed. All are components needed for a valuable golf swing that can withstand the test of time. 
  •  5. Lower Body Training - Full body training can be difficult to grasp much like Full motion in the golf swing. Training the body in different segments is exactly how we instruct our golfers. "Pivot & turn" is a perfect example.
  •  6. Upper Body Training - Breaking up the training segments helps ease the learning curve and ingrains proper patterns sentimentally. 
  •  7. Golf Endurance - Golf Endurance is a crucial factor in performance. The ability to not fatique mentally or physically has a direct correlation to one's overall score.
  • 8. Recovery - Post-round recovery will decrease the severity of short term muscle and joint soreness, and reduce the chance of injury in the long run. (Stretching, Nutrition and Hydration, Sleep, and Massage.)