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Understanding Control & Accuracy

Accuracy with the Driver and Distance Control with the Wedges is something every Golfer seeks. This section covers 10 Video Lessons that will help you create a much better Understanding. 


  • 1. Technique is Over-Rated - We can hit pure shots with bad technique. What really matters is understanding for distance control, you need to know your loft, ball position, length of your swing, and the speed of it. And that will create a distance controlled shot. 
  • 2. Speed Control - This lesson talks about controlling speed, without pulling the handle and using the natural bounce. 
  • 3. Iron Distance Control - Using the clock system we can start to get a feel for our iron distances. Length of backswing great influences distance control. 
  • 4. Driver Control VS Iron Control - In this section, we discuss leverage, narrowness, shoulder turn, and length of club and how all those factors influence speed between driver vs. iron. This same lesson can be located in the Speed and Distance Section as well.
  • 5. 3 Wood VS Driver - A driver swing must feel more back and the club is coming from low to high, and a 3 wood is more level of a movement. 
  • 6. Mental for Accuracy - Control comes from Contact and accuracy of a skill comes from the Mind. We get into a mental pattern that makes a huge impact on my students minds.
  • 7. Does Square Impact Create Consistency? - If our club face is perfectly square it doesn't translate to a straight shot because swing path and angle of attack greatly affect the ball flight direction.
  • 8. Does Alignment Correlate to Accuracy? - In this section we cover the details of what alignment actually is and how alignment can be directly and indirectly responsible for your accuracy. 
  • 9. Swing Softness - Different clubs have slightly different motions and slightly different paces. Swinging soft with a long iron would produce too low of a shot. Soft swings with a short club are more ideal.
  • 10. Train Track Drill - Hitting the Sweet Spot is a must for solid contact and how to control distance. Use this train track drill for all your clubs when executing this tip.