Learn the Secrets to Shallowing the Club: For Free.

Secrets to Shallowing REVEALED

The Industry is over flowing with Instructional Golf Videos explaining Shallowing.

It's hard to know what Actually Works and What Doesn't. Our instruction pays attention to One Thing... History of the Greatest Players in Golf. They hold the Answer that has been locked away for Decades.

High speed image capturing along with technology have showcased the micro-moves of the golf swing never seen before.  Watch this FREE series to understand the proper micro-moves of Shallowing.

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Importance of Shallowing

Understanding Shallowing is Imperative to Curing Swing Steepness.

The Freezer Fix

Freezers (Pausing at the Top) is an Excellent Way to Stay Connected and is Uber Important During Transition.

Handle Pull Down

Pulling the Handle Down on the Club is Detrimental to Shallowing.  


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