Memberships or Individual Courses Can Be Purchased Below

Individual Courses are Only One Time Payments

The Platinum Plan | Subscription Free Plan

$450.00 USD

Only For Serious Golfers that want to Take Their Game to Highest Level. The One and Done Plan. One Payment, One Time...

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The Gold Plan | Most Popular Annual Membership

$180.00 USD every year

MOST POPULAR PLAN The Gold Plan Is an Annual Membership and You are billed Yearly. Save $36.00 The GGSwingTips Onli...

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The Silver Plan | Monthly Membership

$18.00 USD every month

The Silver Plan is a Monthly Membership Plan and is billed Monthly. The GGSwingTips Online Academy is a Golf Instruc...

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Online Lessons

$180.00 USD

Receive one swing online lessons from one of our GGswingtips certified instructors. Send in your ...

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The Missile Method

$45.00 USD

DRIVE FARTHER WITH THE MISSILE METHOD... This 3 part series is called the MISSILE METHOD  🚀 for a reason. ...

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Golf Fundamentals Simplified

$72.00 USD

Golf Fundamentals Simplified is Instructional Course that focuses on the Full Golf Swing. (Set-Up & Grip, Back Sw...

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Secrets to Shallowing the Golf Club

$27.00 USD

In this 24 Video Course we will Go Over, How to Use Your Body and Not the Arms to Shallow the Club. Most of us s...

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My Famous "Pivot & Turn" | Rotation Hack

$18.00 USD

In This 13 Video Course we will Focus on Rotational Movement being the Number One Way to Improve Ball Contact, C...

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Gain Super Speed and Mega Distance in your Golf Swing

$9.00 USD

This 8 Video Series Explains What everyone wants (Super Speed and Mega Distance), but few know how to actually achiev...

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Set-Up and Grip in the Golf Swing

$18.00 USD

These 13 Video Lessons Start with Understanding the Set Up and Grip before any other Lesson. Building a Consistent Go...

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Understanding Accuracy and Control with Your Golf Swing

$18.00 USD

Accuracy with the Driver and Distance control with the Wedges is something every Golfer seeks. This section covers Te...

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A Slice Fix That Actually Works

$18.00 USD

In this 10 Part Video Series We Focus on Slicing. Slicing Plagues of the Majority of Amateur Golfers. Find Out H...

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